Tips for Creating an Inspiring Home Office Space

The influence that the worldwide lockdown has brought to people’s personal lives and work routines is undeniable. 

However, even knowing the fact that a pandemic is usually a negative phenomenon, it has also brought some positive things. Many of us had a chance to think things through and realize that working from home and earning the same salary we do at our usual office is no longer a dream. No, it has become a reality.

Thus, those of you who are just beginning to enjoy the benefits of working from home full-time could use some tips for creating an inspiring home office space.

Keep the Workspace Separate

Separating your home office space from the part of your home where you rest is important. First of all, it will help you mentally. When you work from home, it may be difficult to concentrate at times, and a separate space can help fix the inability to focus.

Secondly, keeping lounge and work zones separate will encourage you to keep them tidier. Once you wake up in the morning and are ready to have your first cup of coffee, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your desk after yesterday’s board games or any other activities.

Make It Your Own

If you work as a freelancer, the odds of you being in the creative field as a graphic designer or content writer, so sprucing up the workspace could help boost your inspiration.

However, you could as well be an accountant who loves bright colors. To make the home office feel more like you, place some inspirational items on your desk. By using a print-on-demand platform, you can even design your own mug with an inspirational quote.

More to it, using a POD platform can also help you earn more money if you run a blog, work as a graphic designer, or always want to open an e-store. If you were to check out the TOP10 items sold on Printify, you might find custom merchandise ideas you can design and sell.

Invest in Storage Space

Depending on your profession, a laptop might be the only work tool you need. Or you may require a lot of storage space because you are an accountant. However, it is important to keep the workspace clean at all times so that there are no distractions, such as clutter.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a cabinet to store your work-related items. Be creative with your home office interior and try out some of these original storage solutions:

  • Use modular storage solutions. By choosing a modular wall-mounted solution, you will be able to adapt it to your surroundings and personal needs better.
  • Purchase a pegboard. A pegboard will both look stylish and help you clear up some space on your desk.
  • Use a feature wall to pin important information or reminders. The solution is very budget-friendly; however, you can turn it into a real masterpiece that lights up the room and inspires you every day. 
  • Invest in a foldaway desk. A foldaway desk is a perfect solution if you live in a small apartment and cannot afford to create a large workspace.
  • Use wire shelving and mount it to the wall. Wire shelving looks really modern and is often used in the interior design of popular coffee shops that hipsters love so much.

Add Some Color

According to the psychology of color, colors do affect the way people feel; thus, they can also influence someone’s ability to concentrate.

Even if you are a minimalist and enjoy everything black & white in your home interior, adding a little touch of colors that can boost your mood is worth the try. In addition, a small item of bright color will only emphasize the minimalist aesthetic. 

Here are some mood-boosting colors that can make your home office space more inspirational:

  • Green. It helps you focus and concentrate.
  • Yellow. This color is associated with being the “happy” color. It sparks creativity.
  • Blue. Various tones of this color will help you keep calm and boost productivity.
  • Orange. It energizes, stimulates, and helps with productivity levels.

Make Sure You Have Enough Light

Proper lighting will affect both your physical and mental state. Firstly, it will help you make sure that your eyes are getting enough light and not getting too red and tired after the whole workday.

Secondly, just like colors, a creative mug and uncluttered space can influence your mood, so does the light. Thus if possible, choose to build your home workspace near a window or invest in some quality lighting.