Tips for Your First Mechanical Mod

If vape has become your go-to tool for quitting your new hobby, chances are you’re already thinking of leaving behind electronics and buying your first mechanical mod. It is the inevitable step of any steam addict and it is not always easy to decide. With this post we want to give you some tips and guide you a little so that you choose the best mechanical mods. Mechanical or electronic mods, for the most demanding vapors.

This time we are going to take a look at the world of mechanical mods, which while true require much more attention and knowledge when being used, following some basic recommendations and rules we can use them without any problem. Mechanical mods are devices that work without any kind of regulation or electronic component that is responsible for managing the current and operation of the batteries. If so, if we do not know what we are doing when installing resistors and using our batteries we can generate a short and cause an accident.

What is an electronic vape or cigarette?

It is a device that uses a small rechargeable battery to heat a resistor which, in turn, contains a cotton soaked in liquid to vaporize which is what turns into steam. In addition to resistance and battery, another key part of an electronic mod or any other electronic cigarette is the atomizer, which is where the e-liquid is deposited.

Choose high discharge amperage batteries:

There has always been talk of the risks of having a mechanic, such as, for example, a fire. You don’t have to go through this if you are careful and you choose the right batteries. We usually recommend a Sony VTC5A or a battery of 35 amps of discharge.

Always keep the batteries in good condition

This point would be related to the previous one. If you see that the case is broken or worn out, change the batteries, as it could produce a short. Also pay attention to the extremes. If either side sinks, it is in bad shape. This video from Vapeciga explains it well.

One or two batteries

With a battery you already have enough, but if you’re looking for more, consider getting a mechanic of two. If you choose two batteries, these can go in series or in parallel. If you choose in parallel, you get more protection and autonomy. If they go in series, more power (eye! The resistors, in this case, have to be special, for example those of the Stack type). It starts with a high pitch with high ohm resistance, the batteries are less stressed, that is, you will safer more safely.

What you Decide

Choose from BF or drip. Don’t you mind wetting the cotton every 6 or 7 drops? Yours is the drip, but if you prefer something more comfortable, try the BF (Bottom Feeder) system. Here we leave some pictures so you know what we mean. With the drip you can more easily change liquid, while the BF is ideal for occasions when you cannot constantly pour liquid into the atomizer.

What we offer?

With respect to the modalities, in Vapeciga we have units for fledglings of best mechanical mods to the vapor, just as items extraordinarily intended for the most exceptional. For instance, Wismec, Vapeoresso, Wotofo, Smoke or Joyetech are a portion of the main brands.

There are numerous individuals who figure out how to stop smoking with the assistance of the e-cig and, in this way, it is considered as a decent and compelling option in contrast to tobacco in view of its similitude of utilization. Additionally, in light of the fact that it logically lessens nicotine enslavement.

The closeout of vapors and utilization to kids younger than 18 is totally prohibited, and isn’t prescribed for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. offers you an incredible range for the most requesting best mechanical mods, and obviously, at the best cost.