Tips to Break into The Fashion Industry

If you’ve been dreaming about working in the fashion industry, you’re probably aware that it isn’t easy. However, not easy does not mean impossible. As an industry that revolves around creativity, you are going to have to showcase that you have it in abundance. Be unique, and show off what you have in terms of skills and ideas. Here are some tips to break into the fashion industry. 

Get a Relevant Degree

You are going to have to get a degree. You might not like this idea or may have thought you could do it without, but the fact is, it will help you. You shouldn’t see it as a burden, rather as an opportunity for you to learn and increase the opportunities available to you. Fashion college will give you a unique chance to network with people who want to get into the industry and some who are already in the industry. If you are worried about the costs, there are private lenders who provide student loans to help you fund your education and start repayments after graduation.

Think About What You Want to Do

Fashion is a wide-ranging industry. If you start applying for jobs on the basis that you love fashion, you aren’t going to get very far. Narrow down the niches you want to be involved in. College will be a great place to start doing this. Once you have that specific area, you can start looking for relevant experience and you will also be able to give potential employers an answer better than ‘I want to get into fashion’. Take your time, learn and find what you are good at and interested in. 

Find Work Experience

Work experience is going to be key to you eventually finding your way into the industry. This could require some creative thinking. Obtaining work experience and internships within fashion is notoriously difficult, but it can be done. Write as many letters as you can asking if you can intern or simply do a few days’ work experience. Think about how any work you currently do can be turned into experience. If you work retail, then perhaps ask if you can arrange windows. Whatever it takes, do it. 

Have a Creative Resume 

When employers are choosing a dedicated development team they will want it to be dynamic, so you will need to be creative, and show it through your resume. As with any industry, potential employers and fashion houses will receive thousands of resumes, many of which look the same. Imagine having to read through the same resume a thousand times. Now if there is one there which stands out because it’s unique and it’s creative but still tells you how you fit the job profile, you are likely to choose that one. Your resume is the first step to getting your foot in the door where you can sit down with people for an interview, so make sure it creates the right impression. Remember to strike a balance, you still want to come across as professional while showcasing your talents, so don’t go overboard.