Top Mistakes Beginners Do in Crypto Trading

We all know what Cryptocurrency trading is. Before stepping into the Crypto trading world, we all plan our every step. But do we spare time to think about what mistakes we are making? Hell No! We only think about making profit and having this monotonous thinking process make us vulnerable towards making mistakes.

However, if you have the right platform, you can definitely safeguard yourself from making any kind of mistakes. Bitcoin Revival app is a platform for the new investors. It helps them to start Cryptocurrency trade with a little investment.

With that being said, let’s get on with the mistakes that new traders make.

1. Leaving everything to the Broker

Leaving everything on the broker is like giving all your money to a known person. Yes, it is understandable that the brokers trade in your place, but that does not mean that you will do nothing. It is very important to know what kind of activity the brokers are doing in the trading market, or what is the situation of the trading market. By knowing these two things, even if you are new to the trading world, you will get an idea of the current on going events in the trading market.

2. In a hope of making Profit, putting the money that they cannot hope to Lose

There have been many new traders, who, in hope of making huge profits, have invested everything in the Crypto assets. And with the market breakdown, they have lost everything. If you are a trader and want to invest in the Cryptocurrency, then trade only that much amount that you can afford to lose.

3. Doing Impulse Trading

Making an impulse decision can be the last decision you ever make. The Crypto trading world is full of rumors. And if I say more precisely, rumors have become an important element to manipulate Cryptocurrencies prices.

There are many traders who make impulsive decisions by seeing the news saying “It might be the end of Cryptocurrency”. This kind of news can surely force people to make impulse decisions. But you must remember that impulse decision can make you lose everything. So before making any decision, you must read the trade market carefully.

4. Buying Cheap coins

Even before the investment, we have a vague idea on how the currency will perform in the future. The market size of the coins determine its price evaluation. You must go through all the aspects of the currency before investing in them.

Let’s say there are two Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ripple. If there is a chance, which coin will you invest in? It will be of course Bitcoin, because the market size of Bitcoin is far greater than that of Ripple.

So, choosing the right currency for the investment is one of the factors that leads you to a successful trade.

5. Security

Not taking care of your Cryptocoins properly is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever do in the Cryptocurrency trade. No matter how convincing the exchanges are, what will happen if the exchanges are hacked? Your all data will be lost. So, it is better to have a hardware wallet where you can keep all your crypto coins offline. Hardware wallets are secure because they have only one key that is given to the owner.


Patience is the key to have a successful Cryptocurrency trade. Do not be afraid of its volatility. Remember that it is due to its volatility, Cryptocurrency has given many millionaires to the world. To make sure that you do not over commit with your deal, put a margin on the profit and loss you are making. This way you will be able to control your impulse decisions.