Types Of Rings You Should Definitely Know!

Engagements and weddings are very important occasions in one’s life. Everyone wants to add all the colors possible to this occasion in order to make it a memorable event for a lifetime. For this, you must keep an eagle’s eye on every detail. You can’t afford to have loose ends. Speaking of the details, what’s the first thing that you should pay full attention to while preparing for your engagement/wedding? A wedding band, right? A wedding band is a symbol of eternal love and commitment and that is why that has to be a beautiful piece of jewelry.

There is a wide variety of rings available out there in the market. Some might have a name or type of design that you never heard the name of. So, why not do a quick research and know about different types of rings? Read on to know more! Quick suggestion! You can also get your dream wedding band at http://cullenmoissanite.com/. They have a really huge variety of rings varying in prices and designs. 

1. Bands:

Bands are the most simple form of rings. They are plain metal rings without any extra adornments. They may have minimal diamonds or engraving. One good thing about bands is, they can be simple or as complex as you want. 

2. Cluster Rings:

Cluster rings are the type of rings that have a big stone placed in the center which is surrounded by similar stones but in comparatively small size. They can be gaudy in look or may have a pretty small flower design.

3. Side Stone:

A Side Stone ring has a center diamond or any stone in the center like the cluster ring. The difference is, side stone rings have smaller stone places in their band. These stones might be similar to the center stone or different. They can have different colors than the center stone as well in order to give the ring a more playful and exciting look. 

4. Three-stone Ring:

As the name suggests, a Three-Stone ring comprises three rings. The shape of these stones could be any shape based on your choice. A Three-Stone ring has the most decent and elegant look. If you’re planning on having a ring that is neither too gaudy nor too simple then you might like to go for this type of ring.

5. Antique Ring:

Antique Rings are over 100 years old, so basically rings from the 1920s are now known by the name ‘Antique Rings’. If your partner is fond of antique stuff then this might be the best thing that you get them. It is unique and elegant.

6. Channel Setting Ring:

Channel rings have a center stone and their bands are decorated with smaller stones like the side stone ring. The difference is, in the side stone ring the designer creates a groove where the small diamonds/stones are placed next to each other. The final product is very attractive and elegant. Because of the design, there might be slight difficulty in cleaning or repairing these rings.