Unisex Jewelry is the New Trend! Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need Them

Unisex fashion is a thing right now. How many women haven’t already worn at least one time their boyfriend’s shirt or that super cool jacket that suits any outfit? Now is not only about clothes. Forget about men’s bracelets and women’s bracelets because it’s all about unisex accessories designed for everyone. If you want to give your partner some accessories which you can borrow from time to time, then just choose semi-precious stone bracelets. Here are the most important reasons why this is the best gift ever!

Unisex jewelry is very cool

As we have already stated, if there’s anything trending right now, it’s gender-neutral-everything. Just choose semi-precious stone bracelets made of neutral colored gemstones like jade jewelry and you will win the pot. Let’s be honest: the days when women and men had different closets and fashion tastes are gone. At least when we talk about women’s fashion, we have to admit that a little manly touch can be such an exquisite idea. Just think about women who wear black suits and stilettos. If this is you, add a pair of luxury earrings and some unisex bracelets and you can be sure you’ll be in the spotlight all night long.

Semi-precious stone bracelets are so versatile

You have to know from the start that there are some bracelets that are seen as “more unisex” than others. In the first place, black gemstones are a great idea both for women and men. For example, Lava and Black Onyx can be worn with a classic black little dress, but also with a pair of jeans and a basic T-shirt. If black is not your color, then opt for brown or deep red. Also, you can find bracelets that are made of a mix of silver or gold and gemstone beads. They aren’t too feminine nor are they too masculine. Instead, they’re the perfect medium. This is a huge benefit because precious metals add that extra sophistication and versatility to any accessory.

They’re a more mature version of relationship jewelry

Last but not least, semi-precious stone bracelets are a more refined option for those who love to wear friendship or boyfriend/girlfriend accessories. Most of the people opt for bracelets with charms imprinted with quotes or the others name. These are cool, but not so fancy if you are over the age. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your idea.Well, unisex bracelets allow you to have time and wear precious accessories at the same time.

Gender neutral bracelets are a unique way to have the same thing as your friends or partner – and they’re much more presentable than wearing matching couple outfits. You – a flowing dress; your boyfriend – linen pants and a loose shirt. Both of your looks completed with brown beads bracelets. So, share a sophisticated connection within your attire and you’ll both be reminded of one another every time you look at your bracelets. Opt for a single bracelet or mix multiple designs, textures or color and create an amazing set that will represent your beautiful relationship.