Vacation 2021: Where To Travel During Lockdown

A trip organisation is always determined by numerous circumstances. In today’s world, the principal one is the epidemiological situation, which has closed plenty of favourite travellers’ spots. We have prepared for you a list of countries where you can go during a lockdown.


Turkey is the first country that opened the borders after the first wave of the virus. The country will undoubtedly hold the top place of overseas destinations in the 2021 season. Trips are sold well all year round. Irrespective of the time of the year, people come there for the superior service in 5* hotels and especially inviting prices. A great number of flights enable you to organise both short-term tours for a few days and long ones. You can also check out luxury tours Turkey.


If Turkish resorts do not interest you for some reasons, then it is worth thinking about the trip to Bulgaria. All the advised epidemiological measures have already been realised in the state. Various festivals and excursions are waiting for travellers from all over the world in Varna and Burgas. For a family vacation with children, it is, surely, better to go to Albena. So you can find many local vegetables and fruits there.

In the coming season, the resorts will keep the restrictions for practising different sports on the beach. Some part of the coastal area will be free of umbrellas and sun loungers. Therefore vacationists can do some physical exercises on the beach without violating COVID-19 measures.


Despite the fact, the land is considered a summer destination, the tourist season in Larnaca is from late April – early May to late autumn. Beaches with golden sands, excellent service, and superior hotels will be in limited supply in 2021. Consequently, those who did not choose the place to visit in late spring or early summer should pay attention to Cypriot resorts.


The authorities of Greece have already announced that the country will be open to all foreign tourists. Those who will already be vaccinated most likely will not have to quarantine, take tests and go through other procedures. Everyone else will need to take a COVID-19 test and buy insurance at least in the first half of the year.


For those planning a winter or spring vacation, the perfect option is the Red Sea resorts. Trips to Egypt are not so expensive this year. If you are fond of scuba diving without a mob of tourists – welcome to the land of the pharaohs. Moreover, take a look at several initiatives aimed at protecting marine life.

Egypt is more suitable for those who prefer to lie on the beach. Large hotel areas, a fairly high-grade resort infrastructure in 4-5* hotels, year-round sunshine, pristine beaches are waiting for you.

To travel, you need to have a negative test and buy medical insurance.


In winter, Jordan opened up to all foreign tourists. This is great news for those who are planning their holidays in the spring and have the necessary budget. Jordan is located on the shores of The Gulf of Aqaba. The excursion program in the country is not very rich. But visiting legendary Petra and ancient cities is worth a try if the opportunity presents itself. Otherwise, the warm sea, hot spring sun and good hotels are ready to work with tourists.

To arrive, you only need to comply with the double testing rules. One test must be submitted no later than 72 hours before arrival. The next one is at the airport upon arrival. It is paid and costs $40.


The United Arab Emirates quickly adapts to the realities of the modern world. The country opened the borders in autumn and now accept vacationers, introducing all the necessary measures. In the era of the coronavirus, there are much fewer tourists. And this opens up additional opportunities for travellers. You will be able to climb the famous skyscrapers, visit local museums and shopping centres, as well as go on excursions to the desert for little money without hustle and bustle. 

To enter the country, you will need a coronavirus test and compulsory medical insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

The winter-spring season 2021 in tourism is subject to the new laws that have been established in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most countries are closed to tourists, some have introduced special requirements for entry in order to minimize the risks of infection and the spread of coronavirus.

Nevertheless, the interest in travel is not fading away. We are getting used to new rules and adjusting to new conditions. And, sure, we are looking forward to the recovery of the planet and the opening of borders.