What is the Cost of Home Lifting Services?

The real problem begins when your home foundation starts sinking, and you need to set up a complete budget to lift it.  Before you set up a budget, you must have a complete idea about the cost factors involved in home lifting services like. Here is a full breakdown of cost elements. 

Labor Cost

Depending on your state, labor cost varies. Some contractors charge more than others. As you are going to get help from the contractor, he will be responsible for paying the labor. For example, if you plan to do home lifting to make another home story, it’s a complex project and requires many laborers. 

Another big project is one when you do home lifting to add a garage and basement. As the contractor needs to lift the home to a great extent and more tools/jacks are required, he will probably ask you to bear the labor cost of up to $30,000 and in such case, you can go for utility locating services.


When you live in an area where you don’t have adjacent structures, the cost won’t be great, as excavation around your home will be an effortless task. The big problem is one when you have a neighbor structure. In that scenario, a careful plan is required while lifting the house. Lack of accessibility makes projects demanding and thereby boosts their overall cost. 

Level of Lift

Sometimes, you need a considerable home lift, while other times, you request only a 30 percent upgrade. High lifting is challenging and requires more tools and equipment, so that contractors will charge extra for height. 

Foundation Type

When you have a basement, then a Greenville contractor can access it quickly and do the soil digging. However, when you don’t have a crawl space or basement, lifting becomes difficult. So the overall cost of your project increases. 

Foundation Repair 

When you need home lifting and foundation repair services side by side, it means paying double the amount. At first, the Greenville local contractors will repair your foundation, and then they will start lifting it. After that, you should be ready to spend almost $3000 to $6000 on repair services. 

Plumbing, Electrical & Utilities 

As home lifting is a construction project, you need to hire some experts to disconnect all the utilities like your electrical, phone, and plumbing connection. After the project completes, you need a reconnection. It is another cost factor that adds up to your home lifting services price.


Lifting the home requires extensive excavation and involves heavy machinery and tools. Contractors need to rent it all, and thereby they charge extra for it. As they need it in your space, technically, the client is responsible for making this payment. 


As you will make structural changes in your home, you need to ask for permits. You can’t start digging without a building code and permit. Thankfully, an expert contractor will help you get this permit. You need to consider this cost factor of home lifting services as it requires you to pay something between $1000 to $6000.