What Are the Different Types of Bongs?

Bongs are the most popular smoking tools in the world, having been used by high ranking royal societies to smoke dry herbs, that are normally ground using herb grinders before use. There is an endless list of options to choose from to reflect your personality and style. Below is a range of bong designs and materials to help you make up your mind. Whether you want to buy a new bong from the best online bong store or you’re just interested to learn the differences in materials, this guide will help you learn.

Different materials:


Glass is the most common and recommended bong material, this can be seen in the best bongs. It is most preferred because it does not interfere with the smoke flavor, thus giving you a pure, clean taste. Maintenance is also convenient as it is transparent; therefore you can efficiently monitor resin and gunk build up. However, they are the most expensive, but the experience will be worth it. Also, you might want to research glass smoking pipes because they deliver an excellent experience every time.


Glass is the second most preferred material for making bongs. It is low-cost, durable and unlike glass, it will not break if dropped. It’s only demerit is that it may slightly influence the smoke aroma.


This is the perfect material if you want a classic-looking bong that you can have as a decoration when it is not in use. You can have it crafted in different shapes, sizes, and designs. However, there are more expensive than plastic bongs, are more cumbersome and brittle, and are not recommended for daily use. Have one of these stashed up for a special occasion.


Metallic bongs are very rare to find, but last longer and are budget friendly. Their disadvantage is that they alter the taste of smoke, and make it tricky to determine how clean it is.


Most vintage bongs are built from bamboo. For some extra cash, you can add garnish, metal, and paint. They are long-lasting and a perfect choice if you are looking for an enduring piece.

Different Bong Designs:

Straight-tube bongs

This is a classic vintage era model, whose old school designs are known to produce rips looking more like clouds than smoke. You can get a straight-tubed bong in different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your exact needs. The most used design comes outfitted with diffusers and down stems to cool smoke from the bowl. Its bell-shaped percs reduce drug to ensure cleaner, smoother puffs.

Round-based bongs

If you like the sound of bubbles in water, then this is the perfect choice for you. This type of bong has a large, spherical base that offers stability and a high-volume cavern.

Inline bongs

This bong has a specially designed percolator that looks like a down stem extension. The bowl is set on a slide that is placed on the water chamber’s exterior. The slide leads into the inline percolator, helping to further diffuse smoke for a better experience. This is a trendy design built to offer you the cleanest sessions.

Multi-chamber or Recycler bongs

It is primarily built like a straight-tube only that its tube separates into two chambers with another pipe or a third chamber. This design is great for smokers wanting cleaner, smoother hits; but is more expensive and harder to maintain.


Now that you have the info, the choice now lies with you. Try out your friends’ pieces and find out which one best works for you. You can also check out this website where you can easily buy cheap bongs.