What is CBD?

Many people have been wondering, What is cbd? Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a chemical compound found in marijuana. Also known as cannabis Sativa, the plant’s chemical substance is mostly used for medicinal and recreational purposes. According to the US National Library of Medicine, the marijuana plant has over 80 chemical elements referred to as Cannabidiol. However, Cannabidiol is also present in hemp, which has traces of THC. Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol   (THC) is the main active ingredient in cannabis Sativa. 

Since Cannabidiol has been identified as a new drug, it cannot be included in dietary supplements or food. In that case, Cannabidiol can only be included in cosmetic products, though only if it has less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, there are several dietary supplements available in the market that contain Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol has so far been widely used for medicinal purposes. Some of the common uses of Cannabidiol include treatment of seizure disorder (epilepsy), relieving pain, anxiety, dystonia (muscle disorder), and Parkinson’s disease, among several other conditions.

CBD capsules

For quite some time, CBD has been associated with a myriad of health benefits. Despite being banned in some quarters of the world, demand for CBD has been growing big time. This is due to the medicinal value present in the marijuana plant. The advent of CBD capsules has made it easier for individuals who’d wish to use them for various medical reasons. Contrary to the perception that marijuana is a stimulant, CBD  capsules are extracted from the industrial hemp plant that won’t make users  ”high”.  As such, depending on the product you choose to use, the capsules contain little to no THC. 

The advantage of using CBD capsules is that they are convenient for consumption, making dosing more easily. As opposed to CBD oil tincture, the main challenge about capsules is that they work slower than oil tincture. This is because of the pills’ slow absorption rate, which takes some time to be broken down.

Are CBD capsules suitable?

The effectiveness of softgels and CBD capsules varies from one product to another. This is determined by the quality of the product you opt to go for. The following are a few factors you need to consider before choosing an appropriate CBD capsule to use.

Type of Hemp extracts used.

Before you start shopping for a CBD product, you need to differentiate between various Hemp extracts.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • CBD Isolate
  • Full-spectrum CBD

Isolate CBD

This type of CBD is made from pure CBD with no combination of other plant compounds.

Broad CBD

The broad-spectrum extracts consist of a myriad of plant parts combinations but lack THC.

Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD extracts consist of a combination of cannabinoids compounds. Some of the compounds include traces of THC, Hemp plant parts, and Terpenes. 


Though CBD products’ use continues to gain traction over the years, the need to ascertain whether the products are authentic is crucial to get the right product. Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a common feature you should check out before purchasing. The feature provides details of third party results, which is ideal in quantifying the integrity of information on the product.