What Issues May Appear When Using the DHL Package Tracking Option

Founded in 1969, DHL pretty quickly became one of the heftiest postal operators in North America. After 1983, the company started actively developing its international infrastructure. So, DHL soon became a huge worldwide corporation. In 1998, a German shipping enterprise Deutsche Post took an interest in the described postal operator. As a result, DHL was bought in 2002 and became a part of Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Nowadays, over 380,000 employees work at DHL. Customers praise the company for its comprehensive menu of various offerings. Experts note the DHL packages tracking option among the available features. However, clients sometimes have problems when using this function. So, let’s take a closer look at the specified feature.

What Should Be Known About the DHL Package Tracking Option?

Primarily, customers are recommended to select a reliable site (for instance, pkge.net) to trace their parcels. Clients should keep in their mind that doubtful platforms frequently contain viruses and may offer incorrect information about packages.

How Does DHL Tracking Number Look Like?

Such codes typically contain ten symbols, including numerals and letters. However, numbers are comprised of up to 39 characters, also involving hyphens along with spaces. Commonly, DHL assigns codes that start with 3P, JVGL, and JJD.

Where Can Customers Find Tracking Numbers?

Senders should look for such IDs on the shipping receipts. The tickets are given after a mailpiece is accepted by DHL employees for mailing. Recipients can find tracking codes in confirmation emails (e.g., if they purchase items in e-shops) or by contacting senders.

How to Use DHL Package Tracking Numbers

Initially, clients should go to a corresponding website (like PKGE.NET). After this, they need to follow the next algorithm:

  1. Enter a tracking ID into a search bar. Experts advise carefully checking if the code was typed properly.
  2. Press an appropriate button to launch the scanning process.
  3. View information about a parcel and check the current package status.

Occasionally, mailpiece statuses aren’t updating. For instance, this may happen if a parcel is delayed because of contingency or wasn’t scanned by employees at the intermediate postal points.

Can a Package Be Lost?

Before considering a parcel as missed, recipients are advised to check the destination address specified when placing an order in DHL. If there’s a mistake, the package is most likely returned to a post office where it was accepted for shipping. So, recipients should contact the DHL help desk to clarify the details.

Occasionally, couriers can’t catch receivers at home. In this case, they leave notice cards. The cards contain information about the postal department where recipients may pick up their parcels. Thus, if a package isn’t delivered on time, it’s better initially to look around the house and search for a notice card.

Finally, experts recommend receivers send requests for searching a lost mailpiece if the parcel isn’t delivered ten days after the assigned date. However, recipients should remember that their packages may be delivered even 20 days later. This is especially true for international shipping going through numerous countries. That’s related to the strict customs rules of some states.