Great Design Ideas for Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want a perfect color scheme for your kitchen space? Learn some unique color ideas to get you started. 

How do you pick colors for your kitchen cabinets? What are the factors that guide your decision? It is important to figure out your kitchen design ideas using a combination of factors to help you settle on the best color schemes.

The focus of this article is black and white kitchen cabinets and ways that you can use this color to inspire a beautiful kitchen space.

Why should you install black and white kitchen cabinets?

There are several reasons why black and white is a perfect combination for kitchen cabinets.

Great contrast 

Anyone who understands the importance of contrast in the kitchen would always recommend the extreme way of contrast i.e. black and white. There is no better way to show contrast than to have colors that actually contrast.

Add ambiance 

Create a unique ambiance that is reflective or white and black by using this combination of colors. It creates a welcoming ambiance. Remember black and white kitchen cabinets stem from extreme colors. White is known for creating openness in the room while dark is for closing the room. Mixing the two colors create a welcoming ambiance like no other.

Hide the knocks 

For aesthetic value, you should have black put in cabinetry places that are frequently used. It will help to hide the knocks and the cabinetry units will always look new. Therefore, black hides the knocks while white color enhances the aesthetics.

Zone the space

You can use contrasting colors to zone different spaces in the cabinets. For example, if you want to create a white area for certain kitchen items, you can do so easily. You can get some zoning ideas online once you have decided to install black and white kitchen cabinets in your home. Remember that this tip enhances the organizational structure of your kitchen space and increases efficiency. You will always know in the back of your mind that if you want certain things, you always go straight to the black or white area.

Embrace luxury 

There is a sense of luxury that is brought about by combining black and white in the kitchen. It is a unique and neutral color scheme that is often associated with class and luxury. You can never go wrong with this color scheme.

The most important thing about black and white cabinetry is the style that it creates in a kitchen space. Therefore, we will refocus on a few kitchen changes that you need to start working on to create a beautiful black-and-white kitchen space using cabinetry units.

Tips to improve the appearance of black and white kitchen cabinets

Add more light 

Lighting is an important element in the aesthetic and functional value of the kitchen. You need the right lighting to get a sparkling kitchen environment. With black and white kitchen cabinets installed, you can always add a chandelier with warm lights to make the kitchen space more inviting.

The position of the chandelier should be somewhat far from the cabinets, preferably on top of the kitchen island.

Use black and white marble on countertops 

Textures and surfaces are equally important in the overall aesthetic value of the kitchen. Therefore, you can opt for black and white marble countertops to spice the black and white kitchen cabinets. It is a decorative aspect that softens the overall feeling of the kitchen space. If you don’t want to go all black, you can try gray and white to see how the addition will make your kitchen look.

Create an open-plan space

Contemporary black and white kitchen spaces need the open plan idea. The concept behind it is to spice up the natural ambiance and add more light to the room. This idea works well for both small and large kitchen spaces.

Choosing the right shade of black 

There are several shades of black that you can choose to work with. However, you need to examine the needs of your kitchen to determine the exact shade that you need. You should consult an interior designer to help you find the right shade of black suitable for your kitchen space.

What colors go with black and white kitchen cabinets?

You might not like the ideas shared above and opt for personal inclusions in your kitchen space. Therefore, we will help you find the best colors that go with black and white.

Gray, green, and woody tones are suitable matches for black and white kitchen cabinets. You can also use stronger colors like warm blues, berry shades, and earthy tones to spice up the look of a black-and-white kitchen space.

The colors that you should avoid are red, yellow, and blue. They are termed as too stark to be used in a kitchen with black and white cabinets.

How do you add warmth to a black-and-white kitchen?

Using wood is the best idea you can use to add warmth to a black-and-white kitchen space. Think about wood with white trim to add more warmth to the kitchen space. You can either decide that the wood be used on the floor or countertops directly opposite the black and white kitchen cabinets. 

Another idea for adding warmth is introducing texture. A textured finish will always look warmer than other types of finishes. Other ideas that you can use include adding some warm plants, installing warm lights, or adding a dining area to create a welcoming feeling.

Final Thoughts

The look of your kitchen space relies on the kind of cabinets that you are installing. If you have decided to go with black and white kitchen cabinets, follow the tips shared above to improve the aesthetic and functional value. You can also get more ideas online that can work in your kitchen.

Don’t let your kitchen space stay out of fashion while you can enjoy the unlimited benefits of black and white kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen.