Ways To Make a Kitchen Look Trendy with White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Ever wondered why shaker cabinets never go out of style? Since the 1700s, these cabinetries have been a favourite of homeowners, thanks to their timeless properties. Whether you want a trendy vintage or modern kitchen design, you can use shaker cabinetry for the kitchen outlook of your choice. 

Read this article to know more about white shaker kitchen cabinets; the reasons for their popularity and how to incorporate them in the cookhouse for a trendy kitchen interior outlook. 

If you are planning to uplift the outlook of your kitchen’s interior, then you need to take advantage of white shaker cabinetry. Here are the reasons. 

  • Durability and Affordability

Shaker cabinets have strong wood material component; a fact that explains why they are widely adored. They come in different types of strong woods, including maple and chestnut. You can use them if you do not want to waste time and money on frequent repairs since they can easily stand tear and wear. 

Besides their durability, shaker-styled cupboards are affordable, thanks to their simplicity. Because they feature clean lines and minimal decorative features, their prices are always slightly lower compared to other types of cabinets. 

  • Versatility

Shaker kitchen cabinets come in a myriad of shades and designs, including traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs. Regardless of your kitchen design, there are countless beautification options if you go for these cabinetries. 

With white shaker kitchen cabinets, you can mix different colors in the kitchen because the neutral properties of the color white make it perfect for color mixing. Depending on the appearance you want in the interior of your kitchen, you can opt for cabinetry with fully or partially overlay doors. 

  • Elegance

The simple classic designs of shaker drawers make them attractive in all types of kitchens. Besides their bold and clean appearance, white shaker cabinets have a luxurious touch that seems to never go out of style. The fact that the color white reflects light means that white-painted shaker drawers are the best when in terms of making a cooking hall lively and attractive. 

  • Color Contrast

As already mentioned, the neutral properties of the color white make it perfect for color mixing. You can pair white shaker kitchen cabinets with darker shades like grey or black to enhance contrast in the cooking area. Black and white shaker cabinetries in white-walled kitchens are a trending option in modern kitchen interior decoration. 

How to Improve the Outlook of White Shaker Cabinetry

Enhancing the outlook of the cabinetry is one viable way of enhancing the outlook of a kitchen. You need to consider doing the following to improve the outlook of your white shaker drawers. 

  • Install metallic Appliances in the Kitchen

You can uplift the appearance of white shaker kitchen cabinets by installing metallic appliances like stainless steel or gold kitchenware. Their shiny outlooks can blend well with white and make the look of the drawers stand out. Besides kitchen appliances and hardware, you can opt for metallic elements on cabinet fixtures like hinges and door knobs. 

  • Mix Colors

Since white is a neutral tone, you need to incorporate different colors in your cooking area for the stunning look of your white shaker cabinetry to come out. The color black has for a long time been a popular option in terms of creating contrast in kitchens with white-painted shaker cabinetries. 

The blend of the colors white and blue on the other hand is ideal for an island-looking kitchen design that looks timeless. You can opt for dark kitchen flooring and install natural plants in the cookhouse to enhance the outlook of white shaker cabinetry. 

  • Consider Regular Cleaning and Maintenance 

All types of cabinetries are bound to look good and attractive if they are well-maintained. You need to clean the cabinets regularly to make them nice-looking and tidy. Your cabinets will be able to withstand tear and wear if you have a regular maintenance schedule. You can repaint the drawers or replace faulty fixtures to make them look more attractive. 

  • Install Glass Doors

Another way of enhancing the aesthetic properties of white shaker kitchen cabinets is by installing glass material on the recessed doors. The shiny glass surface will blend well with the white hue adorning the cabinets to create a luxurious outlook. You can add a few stainless steel appliances to various parts of the kitchen to enhance the luxurious appearance of the cabinetry. 

 What are the Trending White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideas?

The latest white shaker kitchen cabinets are versatile in terms of their designs and visual aspects. Here are the trending white shaker kitchen cabinet ideas.

  • Classic White Shaker Cabinetry

Classic-designed shaker cabinets have been a popular choice for homeowners since the 16th century when they were first designed. They typically have the least ornamental features and can fit in different kitchen designs. You need to opt for farmhouse-styled classic cabinetry if you want a rustic or vintage kitchen outlook. 

  • Black and White Shaker Cabinetry

You need to opt for the black-and-white color blend if you want to create contrast in your kitchen. To mix black and white on the cabinetry, you can let white dominate and let black be seen on fixtures like handles, hinges, or door knobs. The bold appearance of the blend of white and black is arguably perfect in both traditional and modern kitchen interiors. 

  • Modern White Shaker Cabinets

 Shaker cabinets adorned with modern fixtures and materials are a trending option for contemporary cookhouse designs. They are marked by clean lines and artificial materials like ceramics, all of which highlight a post-modern appearance. You need to choose modern white shaker cabinetry if you prefer a modern-looking kitchen interior. 

  • White Shaker Cabinets with In-Cabinet Lighting

Shaker drawers with under-cabinet lighting systems are generally the first choice for homeowners with a preference for lively or dramatic kitchen interiors. The color you chose for the in-cabinet lighting will depend on the color features in the interior of your kitchen. You need to liaise with an accredited electrician when installing under-cabinet lighting. 

Final Thoughts

Shaker cabinets have been popular in kitchen interior decoration from time immemorial. The simplicity and elegance, coupled with the stunning visual properties of white shaker kitchen cabinets make them the best in terms of enhancing the interior of a kitchen. Follow us for tips on how to improve the interior of your kitchen with shaker drawers.