What to Get Someone Who is Starting a New Job

Jobs, particularly new jobs are being discussed quite a lot at the moment. This, in case you didn’t know, is down to COVID-19 and the current lockdown, with many wondering what jobs will be available afterwards.

That being said, many businesses are creating lots of new jobs post-lockdown, so, things could be looking up for the job market.

However, this brings up a particular question – what do you buy someone who’s just got a new job?

Well, if your friend or loved one does get a new job and you want to get them something nice, you’ll find a list of ideas below to help you out.

Something sweet

From chocolates to toffees and even a basket filled with sugary sweets, these types of gifts are always a winner, because, after all, everyone loves the sweeter things in life. Of course, if you know someone who likes things a little more savoury, how about a cheese board?


Another winning option, if the person you know loves a glass of red or white you can always grab them a bottle of their favourite tipple. Or, you could buy them something extra special and pricey to try.


Who doesn’t love a wonderful bunch of flowers? Not many people, which is what makes flowers a wonderful gift to receive. And, with so many shops doing wonderful bunches for fabulous prices and multiple online services delivering them, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

A journal

If they’re going to be busy at their new job, a journal is a great idea as it’ll help them to keep track of their time and plans, making sure they never miss a meeting. Go a step further by getting them one that’s personalised with their name for that extra special touch.

New stationery

Expanding on the above, you could grab them some new pens, highlighters are something along these lines to help them out at their new job. Of course, most jobs provide stationery, but there’s nothing quite like your own fancy pen to make you smile while getting the job done.

A watch

If you want to go all out when it comes to getting that new job gift, what about a watch? An excellent item that they’ll have for life, this will be with them throughout the day and week and will ensure that they’re always on time and won’t have to scramble around for their phone to find out how long it is until their next meeting.

Stuck for ideas? Hopefully, this list should help you out when it comes to purchasing that new job gift for someone you love.