Writing Applications That Will Improve Your Writing

Writing in a deep practice that is rooted in most of us. If you have not tried writing yet, then this is the time to commence your writing journey. Right from blog posts, social media captions to sophisticated kinds of writings, you will need to have your work not written erroneously. Writings sometimes portray the expression of personal feelings from deep within the heart. But in most cases, we are likely to err when composing this kind of written art. This is why you need to explore a range of applications critical for developing a proper foundation in your journey of writing. Do you need to improve your writing? Visit writemyessayz.com to get an example of a great writing.

  • Ambience

A productive session of writing is always linked to this kind of application. According to research, moderated ambient noise proves to be effective when it comes to creative recognition. This outstanding application enables you to curate a soundscape of your own. This is done through a perfect combination of 10 themed settings.

  • Freedom

It’s a perfect application that offers you that rare gift of focus. It is a website blocker too. Has your writing journey just rekindled? Get the app and block specific applications and websites or even the entire internet from distracting you during the writing process. Once the writing process strikes, block distractions. Alternatively, initiate blocks automatically and keep your writing process moving on smoothly.

  • Calmly

Calmly is another excellent masterpiece when you want to start off with your critical writing tasks. The tool is distraction-free and allows you to navigate extensively over an easy-to-use interface. Usually, the tool enables blockage of whistles and bells originating from typical word processing interfaces. All you need is just set in and start off writing immediately. The tool also boasts a number of keyboard shortcuts, “focus mode,” and markdown formatting, which in turn simplify the note-taking and editing process.

  • Grammarly

If you’re a frequent writer, then Grammarly shouldn’t be hearsay for you. It is a common tool that has greatly helped millions and millions of writers in their writing journey. The application has its free mode where you can scan your written text for grammatical mistakes. Mistakes within your text are highlighted, and this prompts you to correct them accordingly.

  • Scrivener

Scrivener is an essential tool in your writing journey. It is basically a three-ring-binder that captures all your notes, academic tasks, and research in a manageable place. Therefore, you can easily navigate within the application and get access to manuscripts and reference materials of your own. Scrivener is tailored with style and footnote settings that will save you from time wastage and unnecessary stress. Just within the application, you can set up your targets of writing and monitor your progress till the end; once done, you can print or export.

  • Readable

Readable is another perfect tool that analyzes your text to make it clear and understandable. This is done through powerful readability algorithms that venture into specific measures such as sentence length, keyword density, and much more.

  • Draft

This is a streamlined platform that handles all your nightmares accordingly. With Draft, you can easily do versioning, especially when working along with a friend or co-writer on a given text. This is a feature that is barely achievable with word processing platforms like Microsoft Word. Even Google Docs has no such feature incorporated in it. But with Draft, everything is made easier.

  • Writing Challenge

You need an application that can light up your journey of creativity in writing? Go no further because Writing Challenge is already here waiting for you. With the application, you can link to a good number of story starters. Furthermore, you can challenge yourself to beat the clock by setting a timer.


There will always be an application to help you write perfectly and even improve your writing. The operating system you’re running on your device shouldn’t be a bother at all. There are already-developed applications that can authenticate well with your device hence making your writing journey a success. This piece has just explored a section of the applications, but there are many more powerful applications such as Hemmingway and others. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry no more about the correctness of what you write.