Which Type of Men’s Shirt Is Best?

To cut to the chase, there is no single best men’s dress shirt for all occasions. Each occasion, and the conditions surrounding it, determine what a man, or a woman for that matter, should wear.

Now that we’re in the clear on that, let’s move on to the types of shirts for men to have in your closet. This should give you a clear vision of how best to present yourself in the different events you get invited to.

Shirts Men Should Have in Their Closet

As far as versatility, no other clothing article comes close to a shirt. This is especially true for men, who consider shirts their go-to for everyday wear and many other occasions. But what shirt types should be staples in your closet to ensure you are stylishly covered on all bases?

Oxford Button-Down

As this shirt’s name suggests, it has the classic Oxford cut, which has been the foundation of English fashion for men for more than a century. It has a slightly thicker fabric that gives it an element of casualness, which can either be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on where it’s worn to.

At the end of the day, no man can deny the necessity of an Oxford button-down. It’s array of sartorial applications far outnumber any other shirt type.

Plus, it possesses a fashion ambiguity that allows you to wear it on both casual-formal and formal events. However, you might still want to confirm the event dress code with the hosts if it isn’t expressly stated in the invitation.

Dress Shirt

Suit wearer or not, there’s no escaping the fact that you’ll probably have to fit yourself into formal wear a handful of times throughout your life. Tuxedos require a particular type of shirt called a dress shirt.

The classic evening dress shirt is cut from pique, which was selected for its ability to remain crisp and stiff. This article of clothing also has a bib, which reinforces the fabric, a cutaway collar, double cuffs, and a wing.

Low-key dress shirt styles are the more popular choice for men. Black-tie events are traditionally where women are allowed to shine while men serve as their accessories. And we don’t mind that one bit, do we guys? 


When it’s too cold for a shirt and too warm for a coat, the overshirt comes in. Men can’t deny how difficult it is to find something to wear during the transitional period between hot and cold seasons. This has led to the popularity of the overshirt.

Versatility is where this piece of clothing excels. It can transform from a light jacket to part of layered fabrics worn under a coat as the little bit of warmth of late fall paves the way for the opening chilly days of winter.

Simplicity is key where overshirt styling is concerned. These shirts are best chosen in plain colors and matched with plain-colored garments. You don’t want anything too complicated going on with these pieces from a sartorial point of view.

Flannel Shirt

The “lumberjack” look is popular among many men. However, beyond the stereotypical flannel appearance lies countless fashion options that are “less-lumberjack” and more dress-shirt-formal than you would have imagined. But this is what fashion has come down to these days: versatility.

This ability to function outside occasions it was originally meant for has pervaded flannel wear to the amusement and interest of male fashionistas. Despite the availability of other flannel options, the classic design remains the most popular choice. That said, one can no longer say that flannel offers fewer possibilities than other menswear.

Office Shirt

This sounds like a boring term for an equally boring shirt that’s meant exclusively for the workplace. Though, don’t let the moniker deceive you, as the office shirt offers a sea of fashion possibilities to serve bosses and colleagues.

It can be anything from a classic work shirt to a polo worn under a blazer. There might also be days when the big boss expects you to don a suit and tie, which you should serve up in nothing less than the best version.


Some men might mistake chambray for denim, but it actually isn’t. It has a simple weave construction style that gives the fabric a lightweight quality. Hence, if you find denim too heavy, go for the lighter and similarly-textured chambray. It goes with almost anything, too, so you should want at least one hanging in your closet.

An Occasion-Appropriate Shirt

The best shirt is one that best fits an occasion. It should meet an individual’s stylistic needs and preferences to ensure he appears at an event as an individual. That said, some men are content to be on the sidelines while the women work the limelight, which is fine too. Just make sure your wardrobe allows you to accomplish such a role.