Why Travelling Around the UK is Good for You

Due to the current situation it’s looking likely that international travel is off the cards for a while. However, this doesn’t mean holidays can’t happen anymore. The UK is a stunning country with plenty of places to explore. From the beautiful beaches down south to the majestic Scottish Highlands. Why makes travelling in the UK so special?

Save Money

One of the biggest perks of having a UK holiday is how much time and money you’ll save. You don’t have to worry about airfares, currency conversion rates, or getting visas sorted. You can get up and go with barely any planning. It can be a quick day trip or a week long adventure – it’s super simple to travel across the country. Whether you’re biking to a Bristol beach, driving to the Lake District, or getting the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow – it’s easy and affordable. The only hard part is picking where to go!

Discover Something New

You could have lived in the UK your whole life and yet barely seen any of it. There are tourists who visit for a couple of weeks who’ll have seen more of the country than you, which is pretty mad when you think about it. So why not make the most of living in such a diverse and beautiful place? Go and discover something that’s not too far from your front door.

Sustainable Travel

Another perk of staying close to home is how much you can help the environment. You can cut down your carbon footprint. Did you know that Lonely Planet said England was the second-best country to visit in 2020? Part of the reason it scored so highly in the rankings was because of sustainability, and travellers having a positive impact wherever they go. England has an ever-growing coastal walk, which will be one of the most unique trails in the world by the time it’s done. You get to appreciate this for yourself.

New Appreciation

When you start travelling in the UK, you’ll find yourself seeing it through a whole new set of eyes. You can be a tourist in your home country, and discover a whole new level of admiration for it. From history, scenic walks and pub grub – fall in love with the UK all over again.

Even though travelling isn’t happening just yet, you can still plan an amazing trip in the UK for the future. Where in the country would you like to see the most?