4 Indications That it is the Right Time to Upgrade the Electric Panels

You must have been aware of the white or grey box at your home that carries all the switches and wirings that provide electrical supply to the entire house. The fact is that this electric panel is the reason that you and your family members can live with comfort at your home. Metaphorically, we can say that the electric panel acts as a brain for the electronic system. It takes power from the main electrical line outside your house and then distributed it to the entire house.

However, after this panel starts getting older, it begins getting damaged due to which it becomes troublesome for you. It would help if you got a professional electrical panel upgrade. But the real question that comes here is how one can identify the right time to call in the professional electrician in Lilburn to repair this. To make things easy for you, we have mentioned some incidents that will ensure you have the right time to get the panel upgraded.

Fuses are Installed in Place of Circuit Breakers

If your house was constructed before the 1980s, you might have an electrical system based on the fuse for electricity supply. Both the circuit breakers and fuse performs the same function. But it surely is to be noticed that their features do differ from each other. Unlike the circuit breakers, fuses do not get tripped off if they are overloaded; instead, they get blown off of cause short-circuit.

The electrician uses the fuse-based systems in situations when a house consumes less amount of energy. But the appliances that we use today consume a lot of electricity, due to which it is advised that you do not use the fuses. Many insurance firms still tend not to cover houses that still use fuses due to the chance of fire hazard.

Constant Use of Extension Cords

Extension cords are an essential component of almost all the households but are not always secure and convenient as you would imagine. In addition, electricians mainly designed extension cords for limited use, maybe during short-term vacations or events.

Apart from posing a significant danger of tripping, electrical wires are generally held in or against walls of a room for a reason; a safe wiring network contributes to less damage. The wires left spattered over the floor of your living room can be twisted, tangled, or squeezed, resulting in tripped breakers, broken outlets, or even a fire.

Breakers Get Tripped Very Often

If you are using the circuit breakers rather than fuses, always keep in mind that they get tripped very often. This tripping usually occurs due to the detection of inconsistencies in the electrical flow. With the help of tripping, the system can be prevented from getting overheated, causing a fire hazard. Though tripping is a significant safety function, if you frequently trip on the breaker box, it’s undoubtedly a sign of something wrong with your electrical panel. Also, the electric panel’s frequent tripping means that the time for upgrading your electric panel has come.

Flickering of Lights

The last key indicator to call an electrician in Lilburn to get the panel modified is when your lights start flickering. Suppose you notice any change in the intensity of your lights whenever you use any other electrical appliance. In that case, you need to understand that it is a problem in the electric panel.

Always remember that it is very important to get your electric panel upgraded regularly for saving oneself from any electrical hazard. You can contact Mr. Electric Atlanta for your help if you need an electrician to get rid of the problem or check on the electric panel regularly.