4 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Watch

Watches were an essential tool for everyone back in the days. People used it to keep a track of time. From using it to arrive for work on time to planning attacks during wars, watches were used by all.

However, in recent time, watches have seemed to disappear from men’s wrists.

People consider watches outdated, obsolete and well old-fashioned. They argue “Why should I wear a watch when I can check the time on my smartphone.”

Well here are the top 4 reasons why EVERY man should wear a watch even today.

For that James Bond effect: Who doesn’t want to look like James Bond? When you think of him you instantly think of how intelligent he is, how he can do anything which attracts a lot of women to him and well how smart, stylish and elegant he looks.

Wearing a watch gives you that same bond look. A simple and elegant watch adds an air of professionalism to your look.

Say you are in a meeting or speaking to your colleague and need to check the time. Imagine how unprofessional and disengaging it will look to whip out your phone and look at the screen.
And well, just glancing at your wrist to check the time will be a lot more polite.

Even outside work, wearing a watch makes you look more put-together and smart. A watch can elevate simple jeans and t-shirt into a stylish complete outfit. For casual looks you can wear watches from Panerai Radiomir, Hugo Boss, Guess etc.

To exhibit your Personal style: When it comes to accessorizing there is a pretty limited range for men. While a woman has handbags, bracelets, rings, nail paints and the list goes on, to accessorize their hand’s men only have fancy cufflinks, a ring and watch.

So if you want to exhibit your personal style, a watch is a must.

If you want a sporty and adventurous look, a Panerai Radiomir watch has to be your pick. They offer a wide range of watches to choose from.

To appreciate Real craftsmanship: A watch is more than just a way to tell time. It is expressional of history and tradition encased in a piece through art and excellent craftsmanship.

Most of us underestimate the craftsmanship that goes behind making a watch. Men spend months to make a high-quality watch. The process is highly complicated and requires immense detailing.

A high-quality watch can make for a quintessential heirloom if maintained and kept with care.

High-end brands like Rolex and Panerai Radiomir offer you that quality and craftsmanship which can stand the test of time and be passed on through generations.

Helps you keep your Proprieties in order: In today’s society, time runs our lives. We have deadlines for everything we do- waking up, working out, office, eating, sleeping- everything is done at a fixed time.

Wearing a watch not only tells you the time but also makes you more aware of it. You become more conscious of how you’re spending your time and days. Plus, the sole purpose of a watch is to show you the time. So you don’t end being stuck on your phone hopping from one social media to another.

In Conclusion

No matter how advanced the technology gets, wearing a watch will always be cool. Wearing a watch connects men to history, to art, to time and is a symbol of his style.
A great man has always worn watches and will continue to wear them.