10 Petite Fashion Influencers to Inspire Your Wardrobe

The average women’s clothing is designed for women 5 ft 5 tall and while that’s great for those that fall within this bracket, it leaves out a whole load of other women whose height sits below average.

Thankfully, for the women out there who are sick of rolling up their jeans and pulling up their sleeves, petite ranges are becoming more commonplace in a wider range of stores. And as shopping for clothes becomes easier, so is finding great fashion inspiration for petite ladies.

With Instagram being a place filled with women of all heights, shapes, sizes and styles, a community of petite influencers has emerged, great news for fashion companies utilising an influencer marketing agency. And, they are here to help their fellow little sisters out with some fashion inspiration.

Here are ten of the best petite fashion influencers to get following on Instagram.

Louise Thompson

This UK reality star come fitness fanatic come Sunday Times’ best-selling author has her fingers in a few different pies – one of them being fashion.

The 4 ft 9 influencer is ultimate body goals and has a seriously enviable wardrobe. Her Insta feed is full of a mix of high street and designer pieces which she styles to perfection. And, yes ladies, she shows us all that wide-legged trousers don’t always have to drag on the floor and jumpsuits aren’t just for those that have legs for days.

Olivia Lopez

Never scared to play around with different lengths and necklines, Olivia Lopez is the positive inspiration all petite women need to have on their feeds.

Arty, chic and a mix of both affordable and high-end fashion pieces Olivia has a fashion sense that oozes confidence.

Steph Weizman

Lots of us may follow petite fashion influencers whose Instagram feeds are awash with designer items, but not all of our budgets can afford to replicate these kinds of outfits.

If you want some fashion inspiration that is wearable, every day, then American Steph Weizman is your girl. She pretty much sums up the ‘jeans and a nice top’ look and knows exactly the kind of styles petite women should be wearing more of.

Jean Wang

New mum Jean Wang is the founder of popular blog, Extra Petite. At 5 ft tall, she gives much-needed petite resources including styling tips and DIY guides to her followers.

As well as this, her Instagram shows us all that style doesn’t disappear when you have a baby. Fashion centred around family, Jean’s feed features cute matching outfits with her husband and adorable baby girl. She is also not afraid to outfit repeat, giving us multiple different looks using the same staple clothing.

Amy Bell

As well as having abs to die for, Amy Bell has a killer wardrobe to match.

Understanding what to wear to suit and show off her shape, Amy takes ‘smart casual’ around the globe as she creates stunning outfits in even more stunning settings. As well as drawing inspiration from her travels, much of her style comes from her Scottish roots with tartan fabric making regular appearances on her feed.

Sarah Mikaela

Brands including Pandora, Hunter and Liberty London haven’t collaborated with this petite influencer for no reason. With a keen eye for photography and knowing exactly how to strike the right pose, Sarah Mikaela’s feed makes for an addictive and mesmerising scroll.

As for her fashion? Well, put it this way, the looks she puts together wouldn’t look out of place in the glossy pages of Vogue. Better yet, it doesn’t all cost a fortune making her the perfect inspiration for the women out there who like to keep their wardrobe a classy affair.

Erika Fox

An Irish born woman, living in the concrete jungle of New York, Erika Fox goes by the name Retro Flame on Instagram – a nod towards her flaming red hair.

While she’s at home in a jumper and a set of skinny jeans, Erika is equally as comfortable in an all-sequin number, which makes her fashion, and feed, extremely versatile. And, as for the price tag? Well, being a well-known fashionista doesn’t come cheap you know, but Erika has struck the perfect balance between designer and high street. Look out for her stunning collection of footwear, we promise it won’t disappoint.

Julie Sariñana

With 5.1 million followers, Julie Sarinana (Sincerely Jules) is one of the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram.

A Cali-girl with a real flare for fashion, Julie is the Creative Director for her own line of comfy-chic clothing and even has her own collection with designer online store, Revolve.
Her personal Instagram is simply stunning as she shows off her experimental fashion and love of colour – featuring plenty of designer staples to be enviable of.

Reese Blutstein

As a general, oversized sleeves, wide shoulders and floor-length clothing is a result of a petite woman ordering the wrong size. But, in Reese Blutstein aka double3xposure’s case, these cuts are commonplace in her wardrobe.

The fashion equivalent of drawing outside the lines, her style might not be to everyone’s taste, but boy does she pull it off. Focusing more on what you can do with pieces rather than how much you spend, Reese’s fashion features lesser known, vintage brands. And, it’s because of that, that her Instagram feed is arty, oh so interesting and well worth a visit.

Petite Elliee

Queen of a wide-legged trouser and a cosy knit, Petite Elliee, who describes herself as a ‘vertically challenged sass pot’ rocks a cool but feminine style.

A savvy shopper all petite women need to have on their feed, Ellie picks out the best of the high-street with the likes of Primark, Topshop and New Look all regularly featuring on her feed. A style that is relatable and easily replicated, she shows us all that you can be stylish without spending a fortune – with the exception of a bit of Dior here and there of course.