6 Top Dance Costume Trends For 2019

Every year fashion-minded people wait to see what clothes will be trending for the new year. We look at the clothes designers, models, runway shows and celebrities to see if there will be something that will shoot to the head of the fashion line.

We often fail to think about other people who have a huge influence on fashion. Just like new looks for the runway, dancers wear trend-setting designs. Dance companies hold their teams to a high standard. The dancers must dance well, but they also must look good. Their costumes must be cutting edge. This group includes dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and skaters. These are the people who turn to professionals for their attire. For example, Just For Kix: supplies dancewear, dance clothes, dance shoes, dance classes, costumes, and Hip Hop fashions.

Spring is almost here and we are seeing the recital costumes, performance costumes, and changes in dance style in progress. Below we will tell you the leading dance costume trends for 2019.

  • Ballet

There is no doubt that ballerina-influenced dance costumes are the hottest trend this year. The soft colors and wispy fabrics give their wearers a soft and feminine look. Women are wearing full skirts made of tulle. Ballerina slippers with ribbons are the shoe of choice.

  • Minimalists

This trend began in 2018 and continues today. The colors are soft and muted. Pink is a mixture of pink and cream. Dusty lavender and soft white are still favorites. The leotards, tights, and skirts must maintain clean lines and little embellishment. The bolder dancer will go with traditional pastels along with Ivory and Buff.

  • Open front skirts

We are used to seeing dancers with the slit on the hip skirts. The past few years have brought the high-low blouses into focus. The trend for 2019 is the high-low skirt. The front of the leotard is visible clearly. But there is a ruffle that dips down the back of the leotard, covering the backside of the dancer. This is a bold move. Dancers are calling attention to their desire to be transparent and to be judged on their hard-earned skills.

  • Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder top and dresses have made their mark on the fashion industry again in 2019. The leotard, jumpsuit, and blouses have sleeves with the shoulders cut away. Dancers are well dressed and very comfortable with this style.

  • Barebacks and halter-style

Lovely leotards with an open back are popular. This look gives you choices. She can wear the leotard that incorporates the illusion neckline or she can choose a halter style top (leotard) which fastens to the neck in a choker-like look.

  • Romantic lace, bell or butterfly sleeves

This is the year for romance. You will see a lot more lace on the dancefloor and a lot of skin. Lace overlays over nude colors make a daring statement. Flowing sleeves that look chic and sophisticated are at the top of the dance costume lists.

It does not matter if you are a beginner dancer or an experienced professional. You will be selecting from these great looks for costumes. It is okay to change things us.

Layering a selection or trading slippers for combat boots are perfectly acceptable in the world of dance. Your performance is a brand for your instructors. Your look is a brand for you. By tweaking your look to fit your needs, you could be creating the hottest trend in 2020!