The 6 Styles of Mangalsutras

One bond & A million feelings!!!

Mangalsutras hold a special place in every woman’s life, they are a depiction of the bond which one holds with their partner, the love they share and the life they look forward to lead. Women seize their marriage memories in the form of mangalsutras.

Traditional magalsutras come in double bead chains with a thin gold chain in the middle; it is ideally used as a daily wear. However, with the millennial woman going out to work, wearing a heavy and sturdy mangalsutra was no longer recommended.

Trends in Mangalsutra designs

Over the years the daily wear mangalsutras are slowly replaced with more delicate, dainty and fine designs which are feather lite, go well with western as well as traditional Indian wear. Here are five design trends that have surfaced from the recent past.

  • Short Mangalsutras: Short Mangalsutras are quirky, smart with a tinge of tradition;they have gained popularity with the millennial women who like to dress up in both western and contemporary attires. They shoot up the glam quotient to a great extent;
    the short mangalsutra designs are also famous among the new age brides. When you wear a saree you can style the short mangalsutras along with Haram to bring the best of both.
  • Pendant Mangalsutras: Another variant in the black beads are the pendant mangalsutras, where in a large central pendant, that is populated with design, south sea pearls, golden orbs and intricate floral patterns add to the beauty of the black beads. One can make an eloquent style statement with these pendant Mangalsutras. These pendants come in various types such as light weight designs, Antique workmanships, Pachi workmanship etc. Some Diamond Mangalsutra designs also have a large diamond pendant. These pendant mangalsutras come in modern shapes and designs.

  • Long Mangalsutras: Long Mangalsutras are specially designed to suit the grand Indian Saree. They come in different black bead patterns, different pendant patterns and in varying price and weight ranges. They go very well with any South Indian Jewellery and light weight Necklaces, Chokers. The long mangalsutras come in a single strand and double stranded variety.
  • Double threaded long Mangalsutra: Authentic and very traditional double layered long mangalsutras. These Mangalsutras are populated with design and are heavily built to sustain a daily use. However, Karigars have slowly brought in transformations to this and made it plain double stranded black beads with a central, flashy pendant that stands out. This has now become the latest mangalsutra designs woman vouch for. They are very apt on contemporary wear.

  • Diamond Mangalsutras: We all know that mangalsutras carry an unending emotion with them and when the same beauty is decked with priceless diamonds; its innate charisma is further elevated. These diamond pendants reflect the beauty in full bloom; they come in short and long designs. Diamonds are forever so is the bond we associate them with, diamond mangalsutras are hence a rare combination of emotion and eternity that is forever. Every woman would be overwhelmed with joy to own a diamond mangalsutra in her life.
  • Detachable Mangalsutras: Another chic category mangalsutras are the detachables. The mangalsutras have a pendant that can be detachable; its multipurpose use is what makes it popular. The mangalsutra pendant can be used on a gold chain as well, these pendants come in light w eight designs for making it flexible to attach and detach. The pendants is studded with CZ, diamonds and other gemstones, they also come in plain gold.
    I sign off here to let you explore all the above styles and bring home your thread of bonding.