Bathroom Flooring Remodels Before and After

When looking to resell your home, a remodel in every room will help provide a higher value. But a bathroom remodels may have the most impact among all the rooms you will want to remodel. It is one of the best investments you can make.

If you do not have a set budget for a full bathroom remodeling, focusing on the flooring will make a big difference. This will impact the appeal and the look of the bathroom without costing you an arm and a leg. It is also a good springboard for future remodels, so, win-win.

Check out some of these before and after ideas so that you can have a clearer perception of what you want to achieve for your bathroom flooring.

Lighten Up

One of the most effective ways of remodeling the bathroom flooring is to put high-quality light-colored tiles on it. It will immediately give more life to the bathroom and give a more sophisticated look.

If you have a dark and dreary bathroom, then this is a must-have for it. A bathroom without any sort of flooring will just look like something straight from a horror or suspense thriller movie.

Make It Pop

If your bathroom has a big space and has small tiles installed, swap them out for bigger ones. This move will give more finesse to the overall look of your bath as well as make you feel like you’re of royalty.

There are many designs to choose from so make sure to use the one that fits the overall theme of your bathroom. In case you are thinking of changing the overall theme later, pick a color that will inspire you later on.

Try Different Colors

While the color white is proven time and again, it is not just the only color suited for bathroom flooring. Find a complementary color, in this case, most colors will do for it. Depending on your taste, go crazy or use the color black. Using a different color on your flooring will create a pleasing contrast for sure.

Finish It

Here’s the thing, if you have just acquired a home or looking to sell one, look at the bathroom and remodel it. It’s that simple. Whether it needs a new set of tiles, missing grout in some areas, or missing some tiles altogether, putting in the work will heap a load of reward for you.

A bathroom remodel is not just for aesthetic and market value, it will also help keep it clean and enjoyable for daily use.