Best Ways to Earn More Instagram Likes on Ads

Once you captured a magnificent photograph, added a filter and the most relevant caption, but still, you are not getting enough likes. Perhaps, your ads are lacking in some areas. Instagram is a platform where hundreds of Millions of users are active so your ads could have a great potential of getting seen by different groups of audiences. To help you out, here are some of the best ways to earn more Instagram likes on your ads. Read more about the informational guide to ads and ad blockers on the internet.

Be Creative with Hashtags

Hashtags might be critical to use sometimes especially on Instagram ads, but it can help you reach more people. Search for the best hashtags that people queue the most so your ads could appear on results when someone asked for the same hashtag.

The best thing about hashtags is they allow people even those that don’t follow you to discover your posts. However, make sure to use hashtags that are popular enough to help your ads appear on searches.

Run a Contest

Real likes on Instagram is pretty hard to earn. However, you could host a contest in the platform to attract people’s interest and keep your existing followers active.

You can also ask Famoid to get real likes on Instagram if you want to skip the hassle of running one. Famoid is the most reliable social media service today that only delivers real and active Instagram likes. Running a contest might be a bright idea especially if you want to earn more customer loyalty on your customers. It especially if you are going to give huge prices that people could love.

Schedule Posting Ads

You can now schedule the time when your ads appear on Instagram. Scheduling ads is the best way to advertise to people at the best time of the day. To know when the best time to post iseasy. In fact, you might also try doing trial and error to determine it yourself.

Regularly Post Instagram Stories

It is also another alternative to increase your brand presence on Instagram. A story might only last for 24 days but it could still contribute to boosting your engagements.

Keep Your Audience Targeted

Just like Facebook, Instagram enables you to develop a much targeted audience for ad campaigns. You can have different segmentation options like demographics, location, age, behaviors, interest, and more. If you equip your Instagram ads to target most of these options, you will be able to receive more real likes on Instagram. However, make sure not to develop your ads into too targeted posts so it comes naturally in front of people who already have an interest in the brand.

The list of ways to increase the likes on your Instagram ads does not end here. In fact, there are more. Just like what we have mentioned earlier, Famoid is the fastest way to earn more real likes on Instagram. This is the best choice you can have if you want to skip so much hassle planning strategies for your posts just to build up your account.

Famoid only provides active and real likes on Instagram so you don’t have to worry about getting fake results. In fact, they offer automatic compensation when you experience decrease after availing their service. You will receive additional likes every 24 hours once a decrease is detected.