Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Surge Growth

The Internet is full of information how to sell effectively and generate traffic, e-commerce is a growing industry that is set to rake in billions over the next few years. But it becomes more complicated when applying on practice. One must be ready that having things done will take some time and is not a quick turn around.

Of course, waiting for so long time can ruin your expectations about your dream business and its fantastic growth. Some obstacles can be successfully overcome if there is a professional marketer near you to hint at the right time. We can’t be present with you at every moment of your work, but we know how not to make the most common mistakes and what are cheat ecommerce advertising strategies specialist usually don’t share.

The information we have prepared is in a condensed form, you will find all you need without rubbish.

On the start:

  • make sure your website can handle the increased traffic that your marketing will bring. If your website runs slow or won’t allow you to upgrade your site then look on Hosting Foundry for a better host;
  • check your website availability from all devices from desktops to smartphones and other mobile devices;
  • information on your pages is clear, the fonts are high enough, there are no misprints and so on.

Active work

Make search on your website convenient

Searching should be both convenient for both those who is seeking particular goods as well as for accidental visitors. It means that you should have logical navigation, including categories and subcategories.

  • Select colourful and high quality photos
  • Online shops don’t offer such opportunity to touch or to smell the product, so the decisions are made relying on photos only.

*If possible, make photos of your product when it is in use. It will be more informative than a dozen of instructions.

Improve your descriptions

Telling the features of your product is too official and hardly explains how the product can be used and why it is better than others. Main idea here is not to induce to buy, but to tell the customer how his daily ordinary life can be improved and which problems will be resolved.

  • Make your website personalized for every customer
  • Personalization will let your customers to adapt the website according to last visitor’s behaviour or based on last purchases, viewed products or geographical location and time zone.

Adapt your content to your audience

Problem solving is a key concept in content marketing and mobile marketing. Study what your audience is about location, interests, habbits and so on According to the information you get make of your posts. Your texts should be pleasant, neat with ideas simple for understanding and implementation. Readability will be greatly improved when headings, lists and passages divisions are used.

Is everything ok with your cart?

The case when completing an order becomes a deal is, unfortunately, too often. Testing is your first aid here to detect weak points where the mess starts happening.

Conversion is not the target here, that’s why all distracting buttons and links should be cleared off.

The less clicks your clients need to complete the order, the higher is the chance for success.

Check your social media strategies

In general, all your actions should be logical and consistent at all playgrounds you work with. It means that all the sales, quizzes and other alerts should be the same at all places.

  • Posts, containing, images attract more attention than simple texting.
  • Be informative.
  • No posting just for posting, in other words – no spamming.

Create target pages

Link to one and the same landing page may not work as your clients can be from different locations, with different interests and habbits. Analyze your customers and created several copies of target page responding to their needs and demands.

Encourage users’ content

This niche contains videos, photos, reviews and blogs made by consumers of your product. You can ask your clients to mark the photos they make with your brand by hashtags that will help others when they search about you, as non-professional images are more trustworthy than glamorous ones.

That’s all she said..

This list is just a small amount of options for your ecommerce business to become stronger on the Internet. However, you may feel to add it by your working ideas – write us to discuss them.