How to Dress for College Smart and Cheap

Have you seen TV series about college students that wear a new outfit every single day? It seems like they entered college not to study but experiment with their looks (although, maybe they just use helpful online services to avoid doing their assignments, for example, writing services that can be found in a wise essays review placed at top rated essay writing websites).

In real life, everything is a bit down to earth, but still, you can try to follow your favorite characters and dress up like a star. A sophisticated look accompanied with the right accessories is a bit expensive for a student on a tight budget. Still, there are many options to match your clothes the way it looks stylish and elegant.

Top great college outfits for your budget

If the clothes are expensive, it doesn`t mean it`s great (unless you wear the price tag). You can always find something as good as its high-priced rivals and look gorgeous even in H&M. Look here:

  1. Classics looks always win. The secret of looking «rich» lies in preferring classic styles over modern. Simple things combined in a smart way can create the right impression. It can be dark skinny jeans, white shirts, and simple dresses for girls. Avoid using oversized and baggy coats with loud patterns and bright colors;
  2. Choose white. Whether it`s a T-shirt, skirt, blazer or blouse, choose white. It is a noble color that makes you look elegant even in simple things, both casual and formal. As an alternative, you can wear neutrals as they can also be easily paired with other colors;
  3. Use simple jewelry. To underline your outfit, you can add some jewelry but pay attention to what you are choosing. It can be earrings, a simple necklace, or one-two rings for the most put-together look. You can also wear a scarf during cold periods as it will serve not only like the accessory but also give you warmth and comfort. It is sweet and matches almost everything;
  4. Make upgrades. As you already have lots of clothes, changing it a little can transform the whole look. For example, you can put gold buttons instead of white ones to your shirt – it is super cheap but will make you look more sophisticated;
  5. Shop smart. Don`t forget your student ID when going shopping as there are usually good discounts for college students. Plan ahead around seasonal sales when you can buy expensive things from Ralph Lauren with 50-70% discounts. Watch whether new stores are opening to take advantage of their starting sales. A smart tip: don`t get tempted to spend a fortune even if there are huge discounts, as you are still on a tight budget. So don`t use credit cards savings as you will later regret it;
  6. Go to thrift shops. These places are perfect for college students as they offer clothes for every occasion at affordable prices. The only disadvantage is the need for a lot of searching and patience until you find the right things. Sometimes you can even get designer clothes at a low cost, so plan your shopping, including local second-hand stores.

As you see, there is no need for expensive new trends if you know what to look for and the right places for shopping. Resist your urge to buy new outfits and use some creativity to transform your old clothes into stylish looks. Your budget will thank you for that.