How to Find First Sponsors for a Sports Athlete Using Instagram

You might be working as a trainer, or you might be an athlete, and you would have thought of joining Instagram for boosting your career. But before we dive into Instagram and its pros for an athlete, we have to discuss that how can an athlete start his or her work over Instagram?

As an athlete it’s obvious that you will be in a particular sport. Therefore, in such cases you can record tutorials, or you can even share your playing style with other aspiring, players.
If you enter Instagram with a business profile, then it will be great to find sponsors.

Sponsors are sitting out there for every enthusiastic profile owner. They just want loyal customers and in return, they will also be loyal. But one more thing other than loyalty, is sincerity and hard work.

Sponsors, are sometimes very hard to find. And on a huge platform like Instagram, you can find plenty, but it is important to showcase your work. And that’s why it’s very important to start something like a channel, where you will be interacting with users, who are keen on entering this field and learning more about the sport.

You can prepare video tutorials, and post them over Instagram and other platforms. There are platforms which are considered to be good for videos, and YouTube and Facebook are two of them. And if you start a channel over YouTube, where you describe all the tactics related to the sport, and where you make the game easy to understand for others.

One More Thing To Do

Here there’s one more thing which you can do. You can get a certified trainer, and with some money and easy courses from an academy or institution, you can get a certificate. That would mean, you are skilled for further training programmes and that you can also teach and train students, who are interested in learning the sport. And as you’d be having an Instagram profile, you can also post your certificate there, so as to make it clear and visible. That will attract a lot of users, and they will also get to know about your skills. Here you can also post images that you would have got clicked, while you were actually playing the sport. That will also give a transparent view of your skills, and talent to the public.

Sometimes, trainers are not skilled enough to teach their students, and they don’t even have images of their own career. If you can collect all those images related to your career, and post it on your Instagram wall, then the job will be half done. Then it will all come down to attracting people, in order to gather the crowd and increase the traffic over your page. Once people build that trust with you, it will be easy for you to find sponsors. Keep in mind that Instagram is still all about likes – collecting many on your content is a must to create image of a professional and demanded expert. Sure you can buy Instagram likes as well, but don’t let it carry you away – it would be wiser to focus on attracting real users to your page to get more and more organic social signals from them.

Equipment and merchandise

In a sporting career, you can always reach out to brands which manufacture equipment related to the sport. It may be a big brand or even a new start-up. But once they go through your page, and see the huge number of Instagram likes over your page, they will be ready to collaborate with you. You can use their products, and post images with their products over your wall, and in that way, you will be engaged in social media marketing of their products, and you can earn money through that technique.

Apart from that, your students and other people all around the World, will also get to know about the brand and their brand image will improve. And in return, you can also ask for their sponsorship. And while you’d be engaged in promoting their products over your famous sports channel, they’d agree over the fact of collaborating with you.

In Sum

That’s how you will also grow financially, and even you will get in good terms with a lot of customers and potential clients. And further down the road, you can scale up your business and you can also contact other influencers from the industry, so as to make the maximum profits.