Mannequins & Fashion Trends Today

Fashion trends are changing at a fast pace. This allows fashion industries to diversify in many areas, including displaying their collections using professional dress form mannequin and other types of mannequins. For years, this industry has been dynamic, with fashion enthusiasts anticipating new concepts and ideas for every coming season. It is not easy for brands to adapt to all the trends, though, especially those that are unrelated to the industry, such as global movements and technology.

For the past decades, fashion trends have been promoted by stores using mannequins. These abstracts have informed customers about new fashion waves even though they are never given much attention. Here is an overview of the trends in mannequins and fashion today:

The History Trail of Mannequins

Mannequins first appeared in urban department stores way back in 1870 when shopping was a fun venture for friends and family. The advent of window shopping for swimwear Australia and other clothing, later on, made fashion retailers create mannequins to impress and evoke interest in the buyers.

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Mannequins have kept a lifeless look for decades. Before, they were made of wax which melted in high temperatures. Vendors then resorted to using paper mache for their mannequins. Later on, they were created from plastic until now when fibreglass is used. Since then, the mannequin trend has been evolving in material, shape, size style, pose, looks, and presentation.

The Role Played By Mannequins in Fashion

Mannequins have come a long way. From the difference in weight, skin colour, pose, and more, mannequins have diversified since their inception. Today’s mannequins are mirrors of fashion. They represent all the trends of fashion and society. And they display them so vividly to potential buyers.

Many physical stores are often struggling to close sales owing to competition from online stores. That is where mannequins come in. They help to inform customers of the new trends available and what to expect from your brand. Mannequins are a way for stores to engage their customers to take further action that may result in closing a sale.

The Current Trends

Mannequins have reflected fashion trends that come in every decade or a period of years. The past years have led us to enjoy fashion from different body types. For female customers, it has been years of fashion trend after the other.

To add on that, the growing plus-size movement has empowered a lot of women with curves, making them more aware and confident about their beauty. Now fashion brands hire plus-size models to establish communication with women who have felt ignored for a very long time. Clothing lines have also been designed for these women.

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The diversity of mannequins has enabled designers to create plus size and dress form mannequins in all size and body types. These creations bring a touch of reality to fashion. Since brands are looking to connect with their target customers on different meaningful levels, they have to recognize their preferences.

The body figures of mannequins are important, and so are their realistic facial features. Technology has empowered businesses to create more realistic mannequins that are a representation of their customers. It also offers valuable data that helps to enhance business strategies for fashion companies.

The Future of Mannequins and Fashion

Many times we fail to recognize the importance of mannequins in fashion, yet they have been around since time immemorial. Fashion is bound to evolve in unpredictable directions, but can this lead to the end of mannequins? It is hard to answer this question with certainty. But mannequins may be going to be around for a long time as long as fashion remains trending.

Even with the growth and increase of online stores, physical stores will continue to exist, and with them, the powerful communication tool – the mannequin. This means that mannequins will remain the reason that the customer will want to enter your store to check out your other designs. The value of the mannequin is going to appreciate as new fashion trends emerge.

Currently, there is no competitive option that can measure up to the role that mannequins plays in engaging customers and generating sales for the store owners. What remains uncertain, but promising is how the mannequins will look and work in the coming years. Their characteristics will undoubtedly change depending on the fashion trends to come.


As long as there is fashion, you will see all types of mannequins displaying and demonstrating its beauty. Mannequins give customers unique shopping experience as they watch how a particular trend looks like on the body. They hey help to connect with prospects and customers without the salesperson lifting a finger.

The job of the retailer is to place the right clothing on a fitting mannequin. They should understand that the fashion world has diversified to the point that clothing and mannequins are becoming demographically specific. That is why designers are forcing mannequin manufacturers to expand their creativity into designing accurate fixtures for the different clientele.