The Clear (and Not So Clear) Benefits of Glass Fencing

A swimming pool is a wonderful way to make the most out of your home. It creates a fun and inviting place to lounge and enjoy time with family and friends while adding beauty to your yard and value of your property. With their benefits come drawbacks, and one of the biggest is the need for pool fencing.

Let’s face it… most fences are an eye sore. They intrude on the beauty of your yard and pool and obstruct views. Frustrated homeowners go to the extent of installing cheap, temporary fences in order to remove them after home inspections. And in towns and cities where fences aren’t required, homeowners ignore them completely. Going without fencing puts children and pets at risk; however, there is an easy solution. Glass pool fencing is an attractive alternative, and its many benefits will make you a believer.

The Answer is “Clear”

The reason an increased number of high-end homes and condos use glass railings is because they don’t unobstructed views. Your scenery has value and should be enjoyed, and nothing maximizes your scenery like glass fences. Large sheets of glass, thin frames, and minimal attachments mean you can retain expansive views of your yard and surrounding landscape. And today’s frameless glass railing makes these fences practically unrecognizable.

Elegant Look for Any Home

The minimalist design of glass fences avoids the issue of ugliness of most fencing. The ultra-clean look of these fences let the design of your home, yard, and pool shine through, no matter what style of home you own.

These Fences Pay for Themselves

The elegant look of glass pool fencing is something everyone can appreciate, resulting in increased value for your property. A glass fence is a refined and updated design touch that provides a clean look any new owner will want to retain. It will show off the beauty your backyard and pool design and maximize the views, and the transparent look makes your property feel larger. It is easy to maintain and will last a lifetime. When factoring in your pool fence cost, these benefits work together to increase your home’s appeal and value, making them worth every penny.


The chief reason for a pool fence is child and pet safety. Having pool fencing protects them from easy access and unexpected falls. Attractive, less obstructive glass fence designs mean owners are less inclined to remove them, keeping families safe. You also have a clear view of your children, whether you’re nearby or viewing from a home camera. These fences excel at what they are meant to do.

Easy to Install and Customize

With all the sophistication, glass pool fences are surprisingly easy to install. All you need is a solid foundation for ground connection. And their minimalist design elements of metal and glass allow for easy customization. You can obtain the right length, height, and metal design treatments to fit the look of your home and the shape and design of your pool.