How to Become Succesful Instagram Artist

As we all know, Instagram is growing and has proven to be the most engaging platform among all other social media platforms. In this article, I will cover some topics for what an artist should do to get higher interaction rates on Instagram. As an Instagram Makeup Artist, you will be successful on Instagram due to its billions of users. You can show your art in front of the larger community on Instagram. So, explore yourself as an artist on Instagram.

Posting Your Art on Instagram:

As you are an Artist, people are expecting more from your side. You should only post your relevant photos related to your art. You can show your art to the whole World through the most widely used medium which is only and only Instagram. You can show your art in progress in the stories section to increase the engagement rates towards your account. You can post the studio shots also. You should use high-quality images so that as an artist, you show your art to the whole World. Filters are available on Instagram so that your images look more beautiful and breathtaking. You should also use captions as captions or storytelling on Instagram has become famous on Instagram and also get higher engagement rates.

Share Beyond Instagram:

You can share your art on other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily link your Instagram account to the current Facebook page. Add Instagram Widget to your website. Instagram is promoting businesses and art, you can bring Instagram to your website also. You can also add an Instagram tab onto your Facebook page.

Using Instagram to Lead to Sales:

Instagram is also helping a large number of artists by making opportunities for financial success. If your work is good, people will start liking your account and ultimately follow you. Your followers would also be beauty lovers, so they start buying your paintings if you are a painter. If you are an interior designer, they will be happy taking your services and definitely, they will pay you for your services.

Promoting Your Art on Instagram:

Your first and foremost priority is to promote your art on Instagram. Do not start with the sale of your product. You can start by just putting engaging content in front of the people. Follow other famous artists so that your artwork will be noticed also. If you don’t have too much time to like other posts then you can automate the liking process with Likegrowers Instagram Auto Liker to stay engage with your followers and grow faster on Instagram. You can also post behind the scene photos in the feed, where you can show your artwork in progress. You might also want to invest in a scanner to make uploading high definition images of your artwork easier. Not sure where to begin? Check out the Top 10 Best Scanners For Artwork & Illustration (A4 / A3) – Reviews for some inspiration.

Engaging with the Art Community on Instagram:

In order to be successful on Instagram, you will need to engage with your followers. You can search other artists on Instagram and start following them. You can search for great and famous artists with the help of hashtag search. Start commenting and liking the photos of famous artists in order to drive people towards your account.

Using Hashtags on Instagram:

Hashtags are a great way to engage with your followers. You can attract more people towards your profile with the help of quality and unique hashtags. Use a few hashtags with your every post to get people attracted towards your account. Now the question is how many hashtags you should use as an artist to get higher engagement rates. The answer is between 5 and 12, however, Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. But in my opinion, this thing will not work for you.

How Often and When to Post Your Art on Instagram:

You should focus on quality over quantity while posting on Instagram. But you should post regularly so that people get stick to your account. You may skip your post if your image quality is not up to the mark. In my opinion, posting every day is better so that people can see your profile every day. Now comes the posting time. The best time to post on Instagram is between 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. are the worst time to post on Instagram.

Represent You as an Artist:

Instagram is all about images. As an artist, you should represent your art in an artistic way. Take the pictures of your colorful art and post it in your feed. People get excited by seeing the beautiful and colorful pictures on your profile. Keep this thing in mind that you should also choose the specific color scheme and color pallets. If you are using the particular color scheme in your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter, then use the same color scheme in the profile picture on Instagram so that people who follow you on Facebook and Twitter would recognize you easily on Instagram.

Final Words:

Instagram is a place of inspiration where you get an appreciation for your quality artwork. Artists from all over the world get inspiration on Instagram. Lots of artists who are familiar with Instagram start exploring themselves on Instagram. They get the opportunities to become famous and also make money on Instagram with the help of their quality artwork.