Things to Consider When Buying Running Shorts

The running shorts looks like a simple garment but there is so much more to them that meets the eye. They are designed to offer with max freedom to move, run and jog around. They are available in plethora of styles to suit different kinds of runners. So, no matter you want to run on the tracks, or local city roads or through the rugged trails, they are suitable perfectly to meet your needs. There are several elements to differentiate between the different types of shorts. It comprises of their length, lining used in it, material with which it is made and the kind of fit you want.

Your running and training procedure will help you in knowing which style or shorts will be best suited for you to help you perform your best.  


You can get shorts in different lengths, fits and flavors, but the best style for you is the one which makes you feel the best. Longer inseams offer higher coverage and offers sun protection. Shorter inseams are good for workouts and race days. Ultra running shorts are recommended for much more comfortable running.  They are recommended for those who want to run really fast and flash a little thigh. 

Features like hidden pouches and pockets make it easier for you to carry essential items, in case you want to go for a long run. They will easily allow you to store your keys, phone and some cash. 


Well, if you want an all-cotton bottom, then remember the fabric may get heavy when sweaty and will dry slow. Also 100% cotton shorts have chances of shrinking. However, shorts made from nylon, spandex, and polyester can wick sweat fast. There is an exclusive LaserTech fabric which you can pick. It is one of the lightest shorts available from Isonik.  

Find out if the fabric offers extra stretchiness so that you have better flexibility in running. It should also have breathability to prevent bad odor and bacteria.


If you are a new runner, then you may be surprised to know that you shouldn’t wear underwear below your running shorts. An inner lining is provided to keep you safe and comfortable while running. Wearing underwear under your shorts may cause discomfort and chafing. The lining of the shorts offer ventilation and prevents buildup of sweat. 

Can compression shorts prevent chafing?

Well, compression wear can drastically lower chaffing. If you get the rubbing fabrics eliminated, you can enhance comfort tan before. Make sure you don’t wear underwear under the compression fabrics or you will not be able to avail the benefits.

What running shorts should you choose?

Though you don’t have a hard and fast rule to choose the length of the running short, but you do have options.

Short length

They are 3-inches and offer best ventilation and varied movement while running. They are recommended for long distance running and sprinting. They are light in weight and idea for all-out performance.

Mid length

They are 5-inches and recommended for different trainings right from trail to track. They offer you the best of both worlds. 

Long length

They are 7-inches and perfect for changeable conditions and off-road running. They render protection from shrubs and debris.