Top Excuses to Miss Your Dental Appointment

Unfortunately, dentists have developed a reputation as the least popular medical professionals. For some reason, many people tend to avoid scheduling or visiting a dentist as much as possible. This may be due to some irrational fear of dentists or a general dislike for medical facilities. Regardless, it is very easy to underestimate the importance of good oral health that is maintained with the help of a well-trained dentist. 

For those that have become adept at missing their dental appointments, several excuses are commonly used to justify the lack.

One of the most prevalent excuses is the expense of a visit to the dentist. This can become counter-productive as it keeps you away from preventative care. Regular attendance gives your dentist the chance to examine your teeth and certify that all is well. If you fail to do so, then problems may arise that are detrimental to the health of your teeth. These problems can build up over time, making the process of rectification lengthy and expensive. Even more costly than regular preventative care would have been!

Another pretext is the lack of time. While one can get understandably busy with their day to day life, doing it at the expense of a regular dental appointment is unwise. Just like you would make time to have a full physical exam performed to certify your overall health, you should also endeavour to make time to ensure the health of your teeth.

It is also a common misconception that you do not need to see your dentist if nothing is wrong with your teeth. This is entirely false. Paying a visit to the dentist once or twice a year can help to catch a problem before it escalates to become a situation that cannot be easily managed and requires extraordinary measures to mitigate.

Fear is an oft used excuse to skip dental appointments. It is ordinary for a majority of people to allow this fear to keep them away from their dentist. They should be reassured that most dentists are well aware of this fear and are willing to work with the patient at their own pace. This allows the patient to gain some reassurance as their dentist goes about performing necessary procedures. Most modern equipment used in dentists’ offices are also highly advanced and are engineered to maintain the patient’s comfort while allowing the dentist to go about their duties unhindered.

Finally, self-assurance in one’s ability and diligence in cleaning their teeth frequently leads to a false sense of confidence in the well-being of their teeth. Again, without express medical knowledge of how the teeth work and where issues can arise long before they are discovered, one cannot rely on this certainty as an endorsement of healthy teeth. A check-up with your dentist is still essential in this case. It also cannot hurt to have an expert affirm that yes, your oral care habits are effective.

While many people tend to be cavalier about the need for a dental appointment, you must reconsider this stance. Seeking specialist help in the care of your teeth, together with that of your family’s, will prove beneficial in the long run. In addition to these benefits, you will also gain valuable peace of mind that your teeth are as healthy as they should be for as long as you can maintain them that way.