Which One Are You?: Different Types Of Fashion Styles Now And Then

What kind of fashion style are you adopting? Have you tried to design your tshirt according to your style? Or have you already come up with your definition of fashion? 

With the immense number of innovations and advancement, the turnaround in the trend of fashion styles changed hastily. It has been continuously evolving and developing, and has gone through a lot of changes. Fashion is wholly translucent, entertaining, puzzling and an unending process. So, to keep yourself update with the latest fashion style with the help of Harry styles merch. There you can get the latest fashion style for yourself. 

Discerning the type of style that you want can help you clarify your ideal apparel. Your fashion style is like a sketch that characterizes your personality out of a fashion idea. For a little help, here are the twelve fashion styles that could blow your mind now and then. 

Bohemian Fashion Style

The best way to define a bohemian style is non-traditional. Bohemian style is similar to arty fashion which uses bizarre and wild motifs on rare textures. It was famous in the late 60’s and 70’s. This type of style aims to pay attention to flowy and free fabrics. 

A boho look gets its insights from hippies and gypsies. It is about designing a rare finish with lots of tie-dyes, chains, geometrics, fringes, and other extravagant designs.

Casual Fashion Style

People who indulge in a casual fashion style do not grab any rare and wild pieces from their closet. They prefer a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt accentuated with a fabulous purse. The finishing look is very minimalist and modern with a touch of sophistication.

A casual look indicates comfort and personal interpretation over physical appearance. It is a way of dressing yourself without going over the top. 

Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage fashion style is the most iconic style ever. It is entirely a trend from the past. It is a collection of fashion in the year 1920 up to 1970. Vintage fashion style stood the test of time because until now it is still being patronized by a lot of people.

While the constant changes in the fashion industry are essential, we take its background around vintage inspired clothing. For the record, most of the fashion today illustrates the styles from the past, and you will be shocked to know how close they are.

Gothic Fashion Style

Goth subculture impacts this type of fashion style. It defines a dark and pessimistic style of clothing. The typical goth fashion style involves everything in black. Such as black hair, black lipstick, black dress, etc. Those who patronize gothic look wear dark colors of fingernails and dark eyeliner. 

Artsy Fashion Style

By the name itself, it conveys the individual creativity of a person. People who are into this look usually make their signature using the clothes they wear. They are the designer of their fashion statement. 

They do not obey any form of norms because they make a path of their own. This type of fashion style is fascinating for it can be a way of innovating and inventing a form of a trend that has no restrictions on the common nature of developing a fashion. 

Sophisticated Fashion Style

A sophisticated fashion style calls for everything at its finest. People who are into this fashion stream find this style as something that makes a statement of excellence, refined culture, and manner. Most of them belong to a high status of living or those related to the business world.

Sophistication described as a businessman or businesswoman without the formal look. The luxury and culture mean a lot to the people who subscribe to this type of fashion.

Tomboy Fashion Style

These are for people who are not comfortable dressing like a woman. They do not follow the traditional standard of how a woman should wear. In short, they favor in black instead of pink. 

Women who prefer a tomboy style normally wear oversized and graphic shirts from the men’s wardrobe. It is because not every woman likes to wear skirts, heels, and decorated tops.

Punk Fashion Style

This type of fashion started way back in World War II, but it became famous in the late 70’s. It has gone through plenty of adjustments and style variation, but the whole point of a punk style is to be edgy and anti-materialistic.

Punk fashion style includes bright colors, skinny jeans, skater styles, band tees, spandex and leopard patterns, and wristbands. Baggy clothing is not allowed in this manner because most of the clothes preferred are smaller in sizes. But it all depends on the people wearing it and what kind of music they support. 

Preppy Fashion Style

The famous description of this kind of style is a college look. Collared shirts and girly blouses matched with A-line skirts are a typical look of a person indulging in a preppy fashion style accompanied by cute headbands and nerdy glasses. You can also design your tshirt and incorporate the preppy fashion style by puting cool logos or personalized messages on your shirt.

It is the most popular type of fashion among college students. This fashion is sometimes girly but not too fancy. In most cases, this look may seem to be luxurious, but you can achieve this style by not having to spend a fortune.


A person’s fashion style is unique and is a trend in style.  It is something that we deal with every day. Even those people who say that they do not care about what they wear picks clothes every morning that tells a lot about how they feel that day. 

So, here we have listed up some of the fashion styles that will help you look stunning and gorgeous. These are bohemian look, casual, vintage, gothic, artsy, sophisticated, tomboy, punk, and preppy fashion styles. 

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