Ways to Repurpose Old Wood Windows

Do you have wood windows that need some attention? In many cases, repairs need to be done now before they get to a later stage and you would need to replace the entire window. For others though, replacing may be the only option. If you are in this position, it might be wise to look out for a window replacement phoenix. But you may not want to get rid of your old window frame as it may have some sentimental value to you and your family.

Ideas to repurpose wood windows

There are so many great ideas out there on repurposing old wood windows, below are a few suggestions you may want to consider:

  1. You can use the wood window frame to make a headboard. These are simple to make and make a statement in your home. You can hang as many windows as you like.
  2. Windows can be turned into corkboards. This idea may be especially delightfully for wine lovers/collectors. To do this you will need to use sheets of cork which you will find at local craft stores.
  3. Divide spaces with old windows, as this is a great way of defining open spaces. You may do this inside or outside your home.
  4. Add an old window to your garden fence to add interest to the area. You may even incorporate a window into a privacy fence.
  5. You could use old windows as doors on cabinets. This is a great way to make use of your old windows and will enable you to see what is in the cabinet without opening it.
  6. You can make it fun and use it as a family command centre which allows for more organisation than you would get from a regular calendar. You can organize mail, display the daily menu and even have a section for shopping lists.
  7. You may decide to use the old window to make stained glass art. All you need is coloured glass and silicone caulk to begin your masterpiece.
  8. You can turn the window into a coffee table with an opening which you can slot various decorative items and change it up from time to time.
  9. Make window boxes which adds interest to any building
  10. Make a bathroom wall cabinet to personalise your bathroom
  11. Use the window as a frame for a special photo
  12. Make a shadow box which is very simple and decorated with lights inside
  13. You can turn it into a wall mirror which will add a personal touch to any home
  14. Use it as a fireplace screen in your home

There are so many ways that you can use old wood windows in your home instead of disposing of them. Whether you are adding more energy-efficient windows to your property, or just feel like a change, the above ideas are just a few DIY ideas for you to consider. They add personalization to any home and can be decorated in various other ways. Take some time to carefully consider the pieces you want to make and have fun creating simple yet sentimental items.