What Is Better In The Home – Carpets Or Wooden Floors?

Everyone is entitled to their own tastes and preferences when it comes to flooring in the home. There has been a great shift though in popular option in the UK over the past decade where there seems to be a lot more enthusiasm for using laminate floors in various different rooms throughout home.

Previously, many people would favour carpets or could see wooden floors in rooms such as the living room or halls, but this type of flooring is now increasingly common in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

There are many different reasons for this which include comfort, price, ease of installation and the overall lifespan of a wooden floor. We have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of both wooden floors and carpets.

Laminate Floors

The lack of maintenance that is required for laminate floors is one of the biggest advantages people will see with this option. If you have a spillage then usually (depending on what it is), this can be easily cleaned, and it would disappear without leaving a stain or mark. The price of laminate floors is also around the same as a good quality carpet these days if you shop around for great deals at top flooring retailers like Wood Floor Warehouse. Not only can you purchase the flooring, but the underlay and any tools associated with installation.

Installation of the flooring is also not as difficult as people imagine. Most people will opt for the lift and click flooring which is far easier to install and takes very little skills to undertake. The lifespan of a wooden floor is also one that is much greater than a carpet. You could have a good quality wooden floor installed in the home for over a decade and if it has been taken care of, you won’t need to replace it.


One of the biggest advantages of carpets is the fact that they are comfortable. A lot of people like to have the feel of a carpet if they are walking around their home in their bare feet. Carpets are also not too difficult to install but most people will ensure that if they purchase a carpet, they also employ a person to lay it as part of the deal. Unfortunately, if there is a spillage on a carpet then it could be a little more difficult to get rid of. There are multiple carpet cleaners and fluids on the market that can do their best, however, depending on what it is that has been spilt, it could leave a permanent stain. This then affects the lifespan of a carpet where it could look worn and old and needs to be replaced.

Our Verdict

Carpets are traditionally the favourite in the home, but this has changed over the years with many people checking out sites like Wood Floor Warehouse. People are now becoming to opt for the laminate flooring option that lasts for a lot longer and is much easier to maintain.