Why Bubblers are the Best for Recreational Smokers

Water pipes offer an alternative to marijuana recreation with added benefits you can’t get with other devices like bongs and hookahs. Here we discuss all the reasons why water pipes are the best for smokers looking for healthier ways to smoke. We talk about convenience, price, experience, and enjoyment, all in favor of the water pipe. Let’s get to it. 

Concentrated Hit And Convenience

Since water pipes diffuse smoke using water, you’re guaranteed to get a much more concentrated hit. In addition to this newfound smoothness, water pipes are also compact and are the perfect portable smoking device for parties and for smokers on the go. Many water pipes also have exceptional design quality, giving you room to make more smoke. Multiple roads lead to smoother filtration as the smoke has to move through various rods first. 

Water Pipes Are Low-Maintenance

Water pipes are versatile, as they work with more or less water depending on what you have to use. You will always use less water with glass pipes than you will with bongs, so they can be considered more practical for smokers who don’t want to bring a lot with them. If you’re looking to avoid a major high, water pipes are a great choice as they require a softer inhalation, leaving you with only water. This is compared to pulling hard using a bong. You will get less high using water pipes which is great for those looking to cut back and use water pipes for recreational use only. 

The Bubbler: A Healthier Option

Pot consumption is healthier using a bubbler because of the properties that allow it to function. Bubblers use less heat and make less smoke than bongs, making it easier on your lungs. You’ll also experience no aftertaste because the bubblers are made of glass. The water chamber that rests at the bottom of the bubblers keeps filtration healthier and avoids the need for percolators and more smoke. 

They are More Affordable

Water pipes can cost you up to $500 for elaborate designs. You can find a quality glass pipe between $25-$100. Save the extra cash and purchase a device that’s affordable and healthier. Obviously, there are exceptions, and while some water pipes can be expensive, you can find the quality you’re looking for without spending so much. For all things extra, yeah, you’ll likely pay more, but that defeats the purpose of water pipes, which are meant to be portable and used for small groups only.

The Big Takeaways

If you’re looking for a smaller, portable, and healthier way to smoke, look no further than down-to-earth water pipes. With built-in water filtration, lack of percolation, and a glass body, you will be inhaling less smoke but will get the same hit that you can expect from a traditional bong. Avoid the crash and burn that follows the high of smoking bowls and stick to simpler options like water pipes. Your health and your wallet will thank you!