Five Ways to Peel and Stick Wallpaper for the Nursery Design

Decorating a nursery sounds very easy and convenient. It can be easy if you consider the children’s psychology and the best accessories for decorating. Using the peel and stick wallpaper can save time and money both. As the children will grow within a few years, so there is no use to work on a permanent décor, kids tend to change their preferences with time. Thus, an easy to renew wall décor with the peel and stick wallpaper will be the best for a nursery décor.

Decorate the dresser

Dressers occupy most of the space in a kid’s nursery, so ignoring it while you are trying to make the nursery more welcoming and fun for the kid will be unjustified. The peel and stick wallpaper is one of the best ideas to decorate the dresser. 

You need to decide the wallpaper according to the psychology, age, and the gender of the kid. for instance, a baby boy nursery wallpaper might be available in the shades of blue or with action heroes on it. However, for a baby girl, you will get a flowery, pink colored wallpaper. 

To make the grotesque dresser attractive for the kid, you should paste the removable wallpaper on the front of drawers and on the borders of the mirror. You can try a single wallpaper or go for the contrasting colors and prints. 

The stairs

It is a very rare case, but if your kid knows how to climb stairs, then it would be safe to make the stairs connecting the nursery with the rest of the place an attraction for them. The peel and stick wallpapers are easier to paste, peel them off, and paste the wallpaper on the front side of the stairs. The one which the climber will be facing while coming up. You must be thinking that it would be a waste of time; no, it is not; you might have seen your baby climb the stairs and find it fun. Trust us on this; your kid will love it when the old mundane stairs will be decorated with cartoon characters. 


Do you think that pasting a single wallpaper print on all the four walls of a room would be boring? It will be, and for a kid, it will be horrible. To decorate the walls of a nursery, you should consider almost four to five peel and stick wallpapers. 

No, do not follow the regular wallpaper sticking technique, do something creative for your little baby. If you have got the jungle print wallpaper, paste it at the bottom of the room. It will give a jungle-like look to the nursery; furthermore; it will increase the fascination of the kid. 

Try cutting the wallpaper it attractive chunks; for example, if it has butterflies on it, cut each butterfly and then paste it. You can have another peel and stick wallpaper to spruce up the look at the base of these butterfly print wallpapers.  Read More at Wedding Program Templates .