Hat Style Tips 101 – Buying the Perfect Size According to Your Facial Features

When it comes to buying hats, it is crucial to remember that every head shape is different, and every face has some unique features. So, there is no reason to believe that what works for your favorite celebrity or that trendy friend might not work for you. Keep in mind dressing in style is all about highlighting your most attractive features. It would be best if you had something that will flatter and even improve on features that aren’t attractive. 

You must always choose hats according to the face shape and the body type. However, this particular knowledge is not readily available anymore, even at the stores. So, all we see are people investing the top dollar in trends that work well on billboards but not in everyday life. If you are looking for hats for big heads, you need to go through the following section that lists all the hat buying tips and knowledge from expert manufacturers at Americanhatmakers.com

Avoid smaller hats if you have a big head

A smaller hat always makes the wearer look big, no matter the style. If you are a particularly “large” gentleman, you should go for something proportional and avoid all the smaller ones. This goes for the hatband as well, and ideally, you should look for the broader band in a color that isn’t a contrast to the overall hue. Choose a crown that is more of a medium height so that you avoid the very absurd “pointy” look. 

Make sure to snap the brim down

If you are a bigger person, then you should always snap the brim of the hat down. And, we aren’t talking about a slight snap either – make sure you are going for a deep one that will suit your silhouette perfectly. Make sure you are going for a wider brimmed hat and should be alright with your style choice. Fedoras and Homburgs are, therefore, the best choices when it comes to hats for oversized heads. 

Choose based on facial features

You also need to consider your facial features carefully before choosing your hat. Let us take a look.

Prominent nose

If you have a big nose, you need to consider the width of the brim. Make sure the brim is at least as wide as your nose or more. This is why it is a great idea to go for a custom hat from an expert hatmaker. As stated in the previous section, make sure you snap the brim down rather than curling it up. Make sure your style isn’t accentuating your already prominent nose. 

In case of receding chin

If you have a receding chin, make sure you are not going for any outlandish style. Your hat style won’t magically make your chin problems disappear, but the truth is, the perfect style can make the overall appearance harmonious. Go for hats with medium crowns with a slight pinch and avoid the sharp pointy look. Also, stay away from overly large sized hats and fuller crowns since they will highlight your receding chin. 

Chiseled features

In case you have chiseled features, you should go for hats with a slight pinch on the crown. Make sure there is a deep snap. Wear your hat without tilting and keep it straight to maintain proportionality. Avoid highlighting your already sharp features with taller crowns and slimmer brims. 

For a round face

A round face is something pretty common with more robust physical builds. It is vital to remember that it pays to go with wider hats and medium height crowns if you have a round face. Larger brims are always the best look for rotund faces and avoid anything under the 2 inches mark. Fedoras and Homburgs are the best choices in this regard. Avoid the pointy crown, as this will make you look disproportionate. 

In case of protruding ears

If you have protruding ears, then it is vital to remember that you need to have a wider brim snapped down and not up. The brim is crucial in protruding ears, not because of the style but only because it allows you to conceal and cover up your ears. Make sure you are going for a wider crown and avoid a disproportionate pointy look. 

Make sure that your hatband is somewhat contrasting to the color of your ears. Smaller hats with shorter brims or any other style where the brims point up are a strict no. with protruding ears, the primary concern is always the brim, and therefore be very wary of the brim style when shopping around. 

When it comes to buying hats, it is incredibly crucial to make the right choice as it can be all the difference between going out in style and looking out-of-place at an event. Please make sure you are following our tips while making your hat purchase. All the best!